"The students at Madame Montgomery's lovely school are wise beyond their years. Unlike many other schools, Montgomery believes that students should begin to learn a a young age, and therefore has 13 years at her school. Students may apply at ages five or eleven, and there aren't bullying issues with the wide range of ages. The younger section of the school is not punished if magic leeks out of them, put Year Sixes and up are greately."

-The Daily Prophet

"M" Academy is a shortened version of the full school name, Madame Montgomery's Magical School for Mischievous Magic Makers. The school is in Dublin, Ireland, in a grassy field were no muggles can see it.

"M" Academy has produced outstanding witches and wizards, alongside The Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. The schools have always liked one another, but Hogwarts had always been more popular. They have each others backs in times of need.

Some of the most recocgnizable and famous students are listed below:

-Casey Sims, for her outstanding work and skill at curses and potions, and becoming a fantastic author on writing about those subjects

-Amara Clairs, for her amazing quidditch skills. She later became a Chaser on the Welsh Quidditch team.

-Fredrick Bull, for his work on charms and becoming a wizarding radio sensation.

"M" Academy begins to train students at five years old to seventeen, and offers summer camp programs for potion brewing. Most students join the school at eleven, which is the beginning of the senior ages (Age eleven is year six). While some do join at five, the school contains mostly older kids.

Much like Hogwarts, the school sorts students into different "houses", or as "M" Academy calls them, Teams. The junior years sort you once at five, and there are four teams for them (senior years are ages five to ten, years 1 through 5, and twenty eight students are in each year, so seven students to a team). The four teams are Ignis, Aqua, Terra, and Aer.(fire, water, earth, and air in latin).

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