Albus “Al” Severus Potter is the youngest son and second child of Harry James Potter and Ginevra Arthur Weasley, the younger brother of James Potter, and the older brother of Lily Potter. He is the grandson of Lily Evans, James Potter, Molly Prewett, and Arthur Weasley; the cousin of Rose, Hugo, and Victoire Weasley; and the nephew of Bill, Charlie, Percy, George, and Ron Weasley. He is the protagonist of the destiny series.

Like his father before him, Albus is prone to being caught in dangerous adventures. This is mostly caused by his belief everyone expects him to become just as great as Harry Potter, the man who lived. However when in his third year, where he forgot most of his life, he instantly went to save Scorpio Malfoy despite not knowing him, showing that deep down he went into dangerous situations to help others.

Albus is a very powerful wizard, possibly stronger than his father, his namesake and and Voldemort combined.


Early lifeEdit

Born a middle child between James and Lily Potter, Albus was completely unlike his confident and laidback brother. Despite this, his sister looked up to him, for reasons he didn't know.

When he was ten years old, he was attacked by a vampire and required a blood transfusion. Unknown to the Potters', the blood came from an heir of Slytherin, indirectly making Albus like his father, with Slytherin like abilities.

When he was eleven, he began starting his first year. He was given a talk by his father about where he would be placed in Hogwarts, giving him the confidence he needed as he boarded the train with his cousin Rose and brother James.

First yearEdit

However, the sorting hat chose to place Albus in Slytherin while the eleven year old boy decided the hat would tell him who he really is, after the former mused he could be in any of the houses.

This event distanced him from Rose and James along with his friends. Upon learning he was in Slytherin, Albus attempted to become friends with his housemates. However, the fact he was Harry Potter's son made everyone hate him, as Scorpio Malfoy turned everyone against him.

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