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About AlyssaEdit

Alyssa 'Lyssa' Varli


Alyssa Alaska Varli




3rd (Third)




Black Walnut and Dragon Heartstring,13.5 inches




Chance Varli (bro)


Alyssa, a proud pure blood Slytherin, was born in the midst of London, nearby the famous 12 Grimmauld Place.        She hails from a rich line of wandmakers and fierce wand wielders.She grew up pampered, while her younger brother Chance was virtually forgotten, which was unheard of by psychological standard. Alyssa's house was a rather big estate, and while she got a wing of her own, Chance only got one room.

Alyssa grew up almost invisible,as her parents thought it dangerous for her to mix with the muggle community as they thought it would give her the wrong ideas. She was friends with a few other pure blood children, but muggle born friends were nonexistent. Indeed, her parents were worried that Chance was sneaking out.

At the age of six, Alyssa was about to fall down the stairs but instead she floated. Her parents were absolutely delighted that their little girl had shown her first magical sign; not that they weren't expecting her to exhibit that. They let her read magical books when she was ten, but they were adamant about one rule.

It was known by everyone in the household that Alyssa and Chance were not to touch their parents' wands. Often, in secret, Alyssa would play with one. It was on one of those particular occasions that Alyssa played her dirtiest trick. 

She heard her parents footsteps and the clanking of the letter box. She shoved her mother's wand into the hands of sleeping Chance and wailed. "Mum, Chance has been playing with your wand!"

Chance awoke. "Wait! No!" 

"Defensiveness only means it's true, and you know that." Her mother snapped."You are unworthy of our family name."

Hence, Chance was put up for adoption, and Alyssa finally opened the post. It was her Hogwarts letter.

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