Anna Rose
Biographical Information
Born: December 10th, 2006
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Phyisical Information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Family Information
Family Members: John Rose (father)

Amelia Jacks (née Rose) (mother) Isabella Rose (sister) Arcturus Moon (step-father)

Magical Characteristics
Wand: Willow, 12¾ Inches, with a Phoenix Feather
Patronus: Wolf
Boggart: Night
Occupation: Student
House: Gryffindor
Loyalty: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Rose/Jacks family

Live Appearances: Unknown
Dead Appearances: Undecided

Coming soon!


Early LifeEdit

Education at HogwartsEdit

First YearEdit

Second YearEdit

Third YearEdit

Fourth YearEdit

Fifth YearEdit

Sixth YearEdit

Seventh YearEdit

Later LifeEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Magical Abilities and SkillsEdit


John RoseEdit

Amelia Jacks (née Rose)Edit

Isabella RoseEdit

Arcturus MoonEdit

Becca FoxEdit

Author's CommentsEdit

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