Ariana Potter (born April 2nd, 1978, 1 day after her husband George Weasley) is a half-blood witch, the older sister of Harry Potter and daughter of James Potter and Lily Evans and one of the most famous witches of modern times, along with her brother. In a vain attempt to circumvent a prophecy that a boy and a girl born in July of 1980 and April of 1978 respectively could be able to defeat him, Voldemort attempted to murder Ariana and Harry when Harry was a year and three months old and Ariana was three years, six months, and twenty-nine days, shortly after murdering Harry and Ariana's parents as they tried to protect Harry and Ariana. Lily's sacrifice only appealed to Harry, and so Dumbledore appealed to the Weasley's whether they would take Ariana in, and that if they did, Ariana's money could help them. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley agreed readily, and Ariana joined the Weasleys.


Ariana grew up with the Weasleys, becoming very good at Quidditch and often beating Bill and Charlie when she was only 6-9 years old. Amazingly, she was mischievous and she started hanging out with Fred and George, which shocked even Mrs. Weasley, but she was a great help and she could lighten Fred and George's punishments. She often found herself thinking about when she would meet her brother, and whenever she was thinking this, her hand would absent-mindedly reach up and touch the lightning scar on her forehead, hidden under her bangs. Fred and George felt that Ariana was just about the only girl in the works who didn't make them feel like their tougngue was three times to big for their mouth. As the years passed, Ariana found herself developing a HUGE crush on George Weasley. She never showed it though, because she was good at hiding her feelings. She grew better at Quidditch, yet the only thing she had in facial resemblance to either of her parents was black hair. She was tall for her age, and produced PLENTY of magic.

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