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This is a story following the lives of three students Grace Johnson, Douglas Grant and Felix Wilson. Each have very different circumstances.

Coming soon! :)


At sixteen she blossomed.

She had always been tall, but in an awkward lanky sort of way. Like a baby deer that was learning to walk on spindly legs that were much too long and much too thin. Her frizz of tight black ringlets had grown upwards rather than down, giving her a bubble of curls that surrounded her head like a strange hair helmet. Poor, mole - like vision meant she wore thin wire framed glasses that made her brown eyes huge and bug out of her face.

Then puberty hit.

No more was the strange gangly girl with the boy's figure who towered over everyone else.

Contact Lenses. Conditioner. Curves. Confidence.

Most of all, Grace Johnson prided herself on having the most spectacular boobs. At times, she would wonder if maybe she was too curvy. Then she would look in the mirror and realise that it didn't matter because her breasts were pretty darn impressive. Nobody would be looking at her stomach.

But those teeth.

Years of sucking her thumb as a child meant that they jutted out of her mouth. Like rabbit teeth. She was never allowed braces. Her mother insisted that she was perfect just the way she was, as God had intended. Ye don't go messin wit God's creations, Grace. It will make Him angry. Grace knew that it was actually because they were too poor to afford them.

She would have been beautiful if it weren't for those teeth.

more coming soon



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