"There it was, in a nutshell. Goodbyes had to be made."

-Casey's Diary

Casey is a daring girl, with a pure heart and a wickedly quick memory. She attends Madame Montgomery's Magical School for Mischievous Magic Makers, other wise known as "M" Academy, in Ireland.

During WWIII, (Wizard War Three), "M" Academy Teams up with Hogwarts. Much like Hogwarts has it's main enemy, "M" Academy and Ireland is taunted, killed and tortured by "Emerald Evil", who has powers to change anything green and growing, into dark, dead things with evil spirits.

Casey is truly the hero of her school, and in her tenth year (or fourth if your doing Hogwarts Years), when "M" Academy flees to England to protect their students, she immediately finds friendship with Muggle Born Maiya and stays in Ravenclaw dormitory when her school takes refuge at Hogwarts.

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