(this is my first series/story on this wiki so if it's terribly that might be why. Also, I write a lot of fanfictions on the warriors fanfiction wiki, so if you want to check those out go to my user page and click on the warriors fanfiction wiki link in my favourite wikia section)


A series written by Sandy


​Hogwarts At Last






​Long Live Darkness


​The Destined Battle


​The reason/s I have for starting this series, probably go all the way back to this fact: I'm madly in love with the Harry Potter books.

​I have all seven books and seven out of eight movies, the Hogwarts Library collection and the play scripts for: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

To be honest, one other reason is that I was eager to write something in honour of J.K Rowlings fabulous books and I wanted to write down a sort of 'alternate universe' in Harry Potter. Sometimes, (I'm very young so don't judge) I roleplay Harry Potter in my room with my best friends from school. Sometimes I roleplay the real Harry Potter world, other times, I roleplay my own HP world.

Fun Fact: The roleplay I do in my own HP world is one where Harry has a sister and he is torn between Hermione and Ginny. (Ron simply tags along in the girl issues because he's dating Lavender Brown) but don't worry! He is still a main character.

Anywho... Back to my reasons!

Okay, so this is my final reason for starting this series: I fricken love these wikis and  want to share my stories with the world!

Yeah... That's not my actual final reason but because I'll probably drone on forever I'm just gonna end it there.

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