Hey guys! This is a story about a teenage wizard who gets taken to Azkaban and escapes. I think this is hilarious, though, because I got the idea from watching an episode of Family Guy. - Yo Momma So Fat.... Nope. Got nuthin'. :) 00:30, April 29, 2012 (UTC)


August 14, 1996. The day I was born, weighed 6.3 pounds, and had a dignity. Of course now, after all I've seen, I no longer have one.

I've regretted that date ever since my friend, John, made me join a gang of wizards called the Sly Dogs. You probably never heard of them and think the name is ridiculous, but in ranking of evil wizard gangs, we're number two next to the Death Eaters.

I am going to tell you the awful story of my life, how I got arrested, put into Azkaban, and escaped.

Enjoy your journey.

Chapter OneEdit


The table of blue-robed students clapped and awaited my arrival. I could hear my cousins chanting my name. "Grace! Grace! Grace!" they shouted.

My best friend, Isabelle, greeted me with a hug. "Hurry up, let's eat!" she demanded. I sighed. She was so much different than I. One, she was American, and there was a large difference in the manners of an American and a British citizen. Two, she was Muggle-born. Not one person in her bloodline was wizard. Her family records narrow down to an orphan who never knew if he was a Squib or just a Muggle.

When we sat down, I was puzzled. There were bunches of nice plates, but no food lie upon them. The headmaster, Professer Justine, (she liked to be called by her first name) snapped her fingers and food magically appeared on the plates.

After me and Isabelle finished our food, we headed to our common room. An eagle awaited us at the door. The Head Girl stood at the front, awaiting a question.

The eagle's head moved. "Does two plus two always equal four? Explain."

"No, two plus two does not always equal four. If you take 2 liters of salt water and 2 liters of rubbing alcohol and put them in the same container, it will equal slightly less than four, approximatly 3.7 liters." the girl said.


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