Chapter 1Edit

Oh no, Oh no, Oh no! Lillian thought dangerously as she ran across the streets of London, it was a fairly rainy tuesday, and as usual, and on cue, she was late in meeting Connor in diagon alley.

He is going to bloody kill me! Lillian thought horrified, Connor was her best friend, and he was nice. But he didn't like it when people were late, actually, he hated it when they were late on purpose, not that Lillian was late on purpose, if she was late on purpose, then that'd be a different story.

Which I am late! Lillian added silently Fashionably late. she had a red coat on her, and she continued to run, Heather would probably laugh at me.

Heather was Connors older sister, and a snob, she was in her third year of Hogwarts. Not like it made her more superior to her younger siblings, for a first year Connor was pretty smart, and speaking of younger siblings.

Even though Mark was a few months younger then Connor, he was still in the first year, how that happened, Lillian didn't know. He sure didn't act his age though.

Lillian stopped panting, in front of a drabby pub, muggles just passed her, not even knowing what she saw, muggles didn't really see anything anyways, because they never took kindly to magic, especially in medival times, not that the burnings ever worked, a simple freezing charm would do.

A voice said quietly, "Lillian? You did know that we were supposed to meet here like... 30 minutes ago."

She looked up in horror. A tall boy with moss green eyes and brown hair was staring at her.

"Sorry, Connor, it was wet outside, and if I fell, I would have broke something, since I'm really accident prone!" She laughed nervously, even though Connor was quiet, he could get scary.

"Well I know that." Connor smiled.

She looked around and asked curiously, "Where's Mark?"

Connor only shrugged.

A person ran into her, then clutched at her coat with a grunt. She almost got brought down with him. She looked behind her in shock, "Ah?"

Mark was holding onto her coat. He wasn't as tall as Connor, he was the same height as Lillian. He had dirty blonde hair and sharp green eyes, "Sorry about that, Lillian!"

Connor was staring at his brother disapprovingly.

She smiled at them both. "It's fine," she turned to Connor, "Is Heather at Diagon Alley already?" She asked.

He hesitated, then nodded slowly.

"Okay, now." Lillian clapped her hands together, "Should we go or not?" She asked and glanced at Mark, who looked in deep thought.

Mark tipped his head, then shrugged, "Sure, whatever."

"Okay!" She hesitated, "Um..."

"Hm?" Connor looked at her confused.

"How... Do we get to Diagon alley?" She asked nervously. I didn't think this far ahead! She thought nervously.

Mark smiled, "That's easy!" He walked into the pub, with Lillian and Connor close behind.

They passed witches and wizards, they were whispering quietly to each-other, even though Lillian didn't know what they were talking about, as their voices were hushed.

Soon they entered a back way that was behind the pub, and it was a dead end.

"Nice going Mark, it's a dead end!" Lillian grunted. She stared at the wall annoyed.

Mark ignored her. Then looked at the wall up and down he looked at Connor, "Do you have Heathers wand?"

Connor got a mischievious smile on his face, then brought a long black wand out. He twirled it between his fingers. Mark nodded approvingly.

Lillian laughed, "You guys did not steal Heathers wand!"

Mark shrugged, "Not like she'd be needing it right now," He took the wand from Connor then started tapping the wall while saying, "Heather came here with mum, so it wasn't that hard."

The wall started making a creaking noise. Mark backed up slowly. He turned to Lillian, "Ta da!"

Lillian peaked her head in, "Woah!" She gasped.

There were shops lined up and the biggest store was a joke shop, Weasleys Wizard Wheeze's.

Gringotts was at the end of an alley, It was a tall white building, that is where they needed to go first. You can't buy stuff without money right?

Connor stayed silent. He looked a bit uncomfortable and confused. He nodded to them and started walking toward the white building.

Lillian followed, dragging Mark.

She let go when they were in front of Connor. She then began rushing toward Gringotts.

"Be careful the road is-" Connor yelled after her. But it was too late, she felt herself lose her balance, and start to slip.

She shut her eyes, Why am I so clumsy?! She felt herself being stopped by someone behind her. She opened her eyes. She looked behind her. Connor looked deadly serious, "You could have hurt something there." He pointed out.

"I saw," she retorted. She stood up fully. She looked at Connor, "Thanks anyways." She sighed.

Connor just nodded at her. He entered the building slowly, with Lillian following, Mark was giggling when he followed Lillian.

She growled, "Shut it."

Mark stopped laughing, then nodded. Even though he was still shaking with laughter.

She brought out her key, it was pure gold, with a shiny number on the end that clearly said 175. She stared at the key, it was a flawless gold.

She looked up when Mark started nudging her toward the creature behind the desk. It had pointy ears and sharp teeth, and was short, the creature unnerved her, it was clearly a goblin, and Lillian started to wonder if it was in a foul mood.

Lillian talked to the goblin, then it nodded to them, leading them to a cart. Mark looked horrified.

Lillian sneered at him, "Scared?"

Mark grunted, "Not bloody likely." He pushed Lillian into the cart. She caught her balance and glared at him.

Connor also pushed Mark in, "Really you two?" He growled. Then stepped in, with Mark and Lillian glaring at him. Connor ignored them.

Mark didn't say anything. But he looked away angrily. Lillian just stared straight ahead, wondering how fast the cart went.

She closed her eyes when it started to move, not wanting to find out. She felt wind pushing against her, so it must have been going pretty fast.

When it halted to a stop she lurched, "Ah!" She didn't move, even when Mark nudged her.

Lillian opened one eye, "Is it over?" She asked.

Mark nodded, "Yeah," he was already got out of the cart, and he looked a bit shaky. "Yeah it's over." He stumbled to his and Connors vault, where Connor was waiting with disapproval.

"What? I don't like rides." Lillian said flatly. She stood back as the goblin unlocked the vault.

Mark had already gotton into the vault, and gotton his and Connors money. Lillian sighed, "You guys stay here, my vault is down that hallway." she pointed to the stone hallway on their right.

They nodded slowly, and she walked down with the goblin following her, it made her nervous.

She stopped in front of her vault, the goblin opened it. It opened to mountains of galleons, sickles, and knuts. Lillian flinched uncomfortably, her parents were rich, very rich, and when they died, they left her a fortune, a very big fortune, it sometimes made her nervous to have this much money.

She lived with her cousin, Gwenneth, who was 20, and finished Hogwarts a while ago, and her brother Matthew, who was a bit rambunctious, and one year younger then Lillian.

Lillian got the money that she needed and walked back to the cart where Mark and Connor were waiting.

She closed her eyes once again when she felt the cart starting to move.

When it stopped. She got out hurriedly, dragging Mark with her.

They all got out of the building, Lillian half hiding behind Mark. Mark said, a bit amused, "It wasn't as bad the second time you know."

Lillian narrowed her eyes, "Like I said, I never liked rides," she said flatly, and looked at her list. "Shall we get our wands first?" Lillian asked impatiently.

Connor shrugged.

Mark nodded, "Yeah, let's go!" He walked away from Lillian, heading toward Ollivanders, the wand shop.

Lillian glanced at Connor, then followed Mark.

They stopped in front of the shop, it was dark and mysterious inside, and there was no one in there. They went in slowly.

Mark asked, "Hello? Anyone there?" He tapped on the counter.

Lillian thought, It's a bit quiet...

They heard a crash in the back room, Mark and Lillian jumped beind Connor, and Connor looked confused.

An old man exclaimed as he backed out of the room. "Oh come on!" He raised his wand and yelled, "Stupefy!"

Even though his wand was no where close to being pointed at them, it somehow veered off, and was heading straight for them.

Lillian was already down on the floor before he even casted the spell. Lillian grabbed Connors and Marks coats and pulled them down.

The old man closed the door sharply and turned back. "Oh, sorry about that." He said sadly.

Lillian got up. "That's fine." She said as she brushed off her coat, while Connor and Mark glared at her with a mixture of anger and confusion.

He put his wand away and looked at them all, narrowing his eyes at them. "Are you all all right?" He asked carefully.

Lillian nodded. "We're fine, that was a pretty powerful spell you casted!" She said excitedly.

The man put his hands together. "Ah, well..." He looked at Mark and Connor. "You two were lucky she was there, my stupefy spells are usually powerful, can knock out a person if powerful enough."

Lillian said to him. "We're here for our wands, we're going to Hogwarts."

The man looked at them. "Okay, I'm Mr.Ollivander, of course, not the one from Harry Potters time though... That was a long time ago." He said sadly.

Lillian heard the story many times before, more then she wanted to hear it, it wasn't a pretty story.

He shook his head and went to the hall stacked with boxes next to the counter. He asked, "Who's going first?"

Mark said with enthusiam, "I will!"

Ollivander looked at him closely, Mark looked a bit uncomfortable.

"Hmm." He murmured in thought, then went back into the hall again, he came back out with one of the many boxes.

He passed it to Mark. "Let's try Rowan, an unusual wood, and dragon heartstring, 14 inches."

Mark tipped his head at the wand, then looked at Ollivander.

"Well?" Ollivander asked.

Mark looked at the vase on the end of the counter. He looked at it for half a second before pointing his wand at it.

What happened next made Lillian jump, the vase shattered to pieces. Mark also jumped, and put the wand down quickly.

Ollivander looked confused. "Don't worry, that vase is easily fixed." He said reassuringly, then went back into the hall again.

He came back, pulling the wand out of the box. "Dogwood, 13 inches, Dragon Heartstring, slightly springy." He gave it to Mark, a smile on his face.

Mark looked at him confused. "What's so funny?"

Ollivander smiled, "Dogwoods are the most entertaining to watch, it's a very playful wood."

Mark shrugged. "Okay."

Lillian was confused, What does he mean by "Most entertaining to watch?" She thought.

Mark looked a bit confused too, but waved the wand anyways.

It was silent for a few seconds, but Ollivander looked excited, "I'd move back if I were you." He looked at Lillian.

Lillian did what she was told, and out of no where a red spark flared, Mark turned to look at her.

The red spark travelled around the room, showering the room with smaller red sparks.

Lillian stared at the red sparks in awe. The red sparks soon disappeared.

Mark was in shock. Ollivander looked at Lillian, "Do you want to go next?" He asked.

Lillian shrugged shyly, "Sure, I guess..."

Ollivander was already gone into the hallway, he brought out a wand. "Let's see, ah yes, how about, Aspen, 12 inches, Unicorn hair!" he gave it to her.

Lillian looked at it for a second before pointing at a flower pot. Please don't let it break. She thought hopefully.

Sadly, it did. Water sprayed everywhere.

She put the wand back carefully, hoping not to break anything else.

This happened again for another couple wands, and Ollivander started to look hopeful, "I wonder.. I do have some in stock..."

He disappeared into the shelves, a bit deeper then he went for Marks. He came back, holding a light brown wand, "Acacia, 15 inches, Phoenix feather... Unyielding," he added, "I must warn you though, this is a very tempermental wand, very unpredictable."

Lillian looked around, then pointed at the vase that was broken by Matt. She waved it a bit, and what happened next shocked her more then the red sparks.

The vase repaired itself, Lillian tipped her head, "I didn't even say the spell though..."

"For the first time, you don't need to." Ollivander said with a smile.

Mark coughed, Lillian looked at him suspiciously.

Ollivander looked at Connor, "You next?"

Connor didn't say anything. He just looked down at the floor.

Ollivander looked at him confused, "Okay, I'll be right back." He disappeared into the hall made of boxes.

Lillian looked at Connor confused, he wasn't this quiet... Well, he could be if he was upset about something, but what could be bothering Connor?

Ollivander came back, he passed a wand to Connor, "Fir, Phoenix feather, 13 inches, supple." He said. Then waited.

Connor looked at Lillian, then looked at Mark.

Connor pointed his wand at the messed up pile of books beside the desk. They stacked themselves.

Ollivander clapped his hands together, "Excellent."

Lillian paid for her wand, and then left in a hurry.

She looked at her list again, and decided to get her books first. She started toward Flourish and Blotts, but was stopped by Mark. "Are you trying to ditch us or something?"

She shook her head. "I just want to hurry."

Mark stepped out of her way, then asked, "Are you getting the books?"

"Yes." She said flatly.

"Well, are you going to go or not?" He asked, then shrugged, leading her to Flourish and Blotts.

Lillian asked, "Where's Connor?"

Mark froze then looked behind him. "He was right behind me... Oh, well, whatever." He opened the door to the store.

The wizard at the counter looked up when they walked in, "Hogwarts?"

They looked at each-other, then nodded at the wizard.

He nodded. He seemed to disappear into the room behind him, and he appeared moments later with two stacks of books on either side of him.

They paid for it, and left the shop.

Lillian asked, "You said Connor was right behind you?"


"Well where is he now?" Lillian asked.

"How should I know?" Mark said irritably.

"He's your brother." Lillian pointed out.

"I know that." Mark said flatly.

"Well maybe we should go find him." Lillian grunted.

"Yeah, I guess we should." Mark sighed.

Chapter 2Edit

Two days later

Lillian twirled her wand in her hand, staring absent mindedly at it.

She heard Gwenneth call her, "Lillian! Dinner!"

Lillian stood up. "Coming..." She sighed.

She walked down the stairs, almost running into Matthew, who was at the bottom of the staircase chasing a red spark Gwenneth must have produced.

She asked, "It's just a spark, what's so interesting about it?"

Matthew stopped, looking at her. "Gwenneth produced it to keep me occupied." He commented, and continued chasing the spark, trying to grab it.

"Smart." Lillian murmured, continued towards the living room.

Gwenneth was cooking, she seemed conflicted, "Lillian, have you talked to Mrs. O'Hara at all?"

"After the accident? I don't want too." Lillian said horrified, remembering when she and her two friends went to Diagon alley and one of her friends got... Well.

I'm not sure what to call the accident, an accident, or purpose, Connor could have gotton killed if Mark hadn't turned that corner when he did, or if his wand didn't react almost immediately without thought from him. Lillian closed her eyes, images of the memory flashed across her mind.


"I said no, I don't want to remember it either!" She snapped.

Gwenneth sighed, "I don't why that happened, I thought the Death eaters were all gone when he fell..." She said to herself, but Lillian tipped her head in confusion.

Gwenneth froze when she remembered that Lillian was right there. "Oh! Don't listen to my rambling! Nothing important! Nope!" She laughed nervously.

Lillian raised her eye brow. "Okay..."

She sighed, then went to the living room, her owl, Talon, a screeh owl, was sitting on his perch. He looked around the room coldly.

She rummuged around, trying to find a piece of paper.

She got her eagle quill out when he found a piece of paper, and put it on the table. She tipped her head then started.

Okay, Mark

Remember what happened at Diagon alley? I just heard Gwenneth talking about Death eaters... I'm not sure what those are, weren't they his followers?

Anyways, I have a bad feeling, what if what happened at Diagon alley was only the start of something bigger?

This may just be me, anyways, see you at Kings cross


She looked at the letter then gave it to Talon, who hooted almost softly, and flew off.

She sat down with a huff, Matt had walked in with the red spark, his eyes glittering, "I caught it!" He announced, grinning.

"Good for you." She sighed.

Gwenneth came into the living room, and asked Lillian, "Can you go to the shop? I forgot to get milk," she handed LIllian muggle money, and went back to the kitchen, but added, "Take Matt with you."

Lillian nodded and stood up, "Come on, Matt." She called.

Matt followed her out.

She walked down the street, hands in her pockets, with Matt following closly behind, his eyes scared, and clouded.

She looked at him while walking, "You all right?" she asked with worried.

"F-Fine!" He murmured queitly, the cloud in his eyes was gone, and he seemed to stare straight ahead.

"Hm." Lillian grunted, then stopped in front of the store.

She was about to open the door but there was a large bang.

Lillian whipped around, but there was nothing, no source of the explosion. She tipped her head, then walked into the store.

She went to the milk, and grabbed some, going to the counter, giving the muggle some money.

When she was down the street from her house, she smelled fire. She looked at Matt. "Smell that?"

"Yes." Matt grunted.

Lillian sighed, and thought, Probably a muggle having a campfire. She continued walking, but Talon flew toward her.

She stopped, Talon handed the letter to her, and she read it in silence.


I know, it seems that way, mum is worried about everything to, and it worries me when she murmurs about the past.

Maybe your feelings are right, I don't know, maybe it isn't safe anywhere, with the sudden come-back of the death eaters and all.

Oh well, ask Gwenneth if you can come to our house and we can go to Kings cross together.


Lillian put it in her pocket, she continued walking but stopped when the smell of fire got stronger. She gulped nervously. "That's a bit strong for a camp fire."

Matt coughed. "A bit?"

Lillian started to hurry but she froze at what she saw.

Their house was on fire, but that's not all, the side was blown out, like something had hit it with force, there were sirens in the distance, Lillian looked at Matt, who was unusually pale.

Lillian wondered what to do, she thought of messaging Mrs.O'Hara, but there was no paper with her.

She ran into the house, leaving Matt alone to stare.

"Gwenneth!" She yelled, the sirens were getting closer, and she needed to find her cousin.

She searched the whole house, the fire was not huge, only some small fires here and there.

She decided to grab her trunk, surprisingly, it was untouched, and all her books were inside it, all of her stuff was tucked away safely in the trunk.

Her wand was in her pocket, also safe.

But Gwenneth was no where to be found.

She decided to give up, and go back to Matt, bringing her trunk with her. She had a piece of paper in her hands and gave it to Matt, "Write to Mrs.O'Hara," Lillian gave him her eagle quill and said quietly, "I couldn't find Gwenneth anywhere."

When Matt was done, he gave it to Talon, who flew off.

He looked at her and asked curiously, "What are we going to do?"

Lillian sighed, "Wait I guess, not much we can do."

They waited and waited.

Soon, there was a loud pop, and Mrs.O'Hara was standing in front of them. Luckily, there were no muggles around... That, or there was a lot of smoke.

Mrs.O'Hara seemed to know more then Lillian and Matt did, because she said quickly, "We need to get you two out of here!"

She led them to a back alley, and brought out a small ball. It was white. She threw it to Matt, who caught it confused, "That's a portkey." She said flatly.

Lillian automatically grabbed onto the white ball.

Mrs.O'Hara did the same thing.

Lillian flinched when there was a sudden jerk, but it was too fast to close her eyes, and soon they were standing in front of her house.

Lillian sighed and looked at Matt, who was looking around.

Mrs.O'Hara looked around then said quietly, "Mark should be in the backyard, Connor is still sick."

Lillian nodded. She led Matt toward the back yard, where they saw Mark reading a book.

Lillian walked up to him, "What are you reading?"

Mark mumbled, "Nothing really..." he closed the book, and looked at Lillian. "I heard what happened..." He said quietly.

"Yeah, don't really want to say anything though..." Lillian said sadly, then asked, "Is Connor okay?"

"He's fine, a bit sick though... Excited for Hogwarts?" Mark asked.


"Hmm, good." Mark said in a sigh.

Lillian was really excited for Hogwarts, she really was, but, she was a bit scared. After all, who would attack Gwenneth? Or were they even after Gwenneth?

Lillian had a strange feeling, whoever attacked Gwenneth, was after something else... Or someone else.


Lillian was a board the train, sitting by Mark, listening to teachers arguing outside.

"Oh whatever Professer Snow, I like calling you by that name... Sounds weird to call you that."

"Stop sounding like a teenager."

"How am I sounding like a teenager?"


Lillian looked out, two young professers were glaring at each-other. One was a woman, she had long blonde hair tied up into a pony tail and flaring blue eyes.

The other teacher, had short blonde hair and blue eyes, and was male, but almost looked exactly alike to the other one.

Lillian watched as they walked down the hall angrily, and she closed the door, Mark and Connor were in deep conversation.

Lillian sighed, watching outside, the land was green and going by fast.

Soon, it got dark, and the train started to come to a halt.

They stepped out of the train, and there was a teacher holding a lamp, who looked tired.

"First years over here..." He said, everyone heard him, even though his voice was quiet.

Lillian walked up to him, he had brown hair and tired green eyes.

Mark bumped into her. Lillian looked at him. "Hey!" She grunted.

The teacher shook his head as the rest of the first years gathered around. He led them away from the train, to a large lake.

There were severel boats. Lillian tipped her head. Mark nudged her, "Are you going to go or not?" He asked in a sneer.

Lillian looked at him. "I'm going, I'm going," she stepped into a boat, with Mark and Connor right behind her. Mark grunted, "Don't fall in."

She grunted, "I'm going to if you keep pushing me."

The teacher looked up. "There's a squid in the lake." He grunted dangerously.

Lillian and Mark gasped and they both scrambled into the boat, both of them watched the water with fearful eyes. Connor looked confused.

The teacher got into his boat with two students whispering excitedly.

When all the first years were in the boats, they started to move.

Soon, they were near the castle. It had towers that seemed to touch the sky.

They scrambled out of the boats. Lillian and Mark quickly got out, not wanting to fall into the lake.

Connor followed after them slowly, shaking his head.

The teacher got out and led the first years to the oak doors. He bowed to a teacher standing by the door, and the teacher opened the door with a nod.

They stopped inside, a old lady was waiting for them. She said, "I am the Headmistress, professor Flake." she nodded to the teacher who stepped out of the way, and professor Flake led them to the huge hall.

Mark poked Lillian. "Hey! Look at the ceiling!" He was pointing upwards. Lillian looked up to see the night sky, and her eyes widened when Connor said flatly, "It's bewitched to look like the sky."

Professer Flake headed towards the table, leaving the first years in front of a stool and a hat.

Lillian knew what the hat was, the sorting hat, it sang a song before sorting.

Lillian waited for it to start singing, but it never spoke.

"Huh, I guess it ran out of ideas." Mark said quietly, with a smile on his face.

Some of the younger teachers seemed surprised. A teacher holding a list walked up and opened the list, her eyes looking over it.


After most of the list had gone by, Lillian was starting to get a bit nervous. Connor and Mark were already sorted into Gryffindor, what if she was sorted into a different house?

The teacher looked up and called, "Lillian White."

She slowly walked up to the hat. The teacher looked strict and moody. She put the hat on Lillians head.

"A White eh?" The hat said, "Haven't had a White in a while."

Lillian stayed silent.

"Well, your quietness seems to hide your qualites, but I can still see what is hidden..." The hat went silent and yelled, "Gryffindor!"

She sighed in relief, getting off the stool, putting the hat down and walking to her friends, while the Gryffindor table cheered.

Professer Flake stood up. "A few start of term notices, the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to every student, and secondly, the deep dungeons are off limits till furthur notice." She said.

Food suddenly appeared on the plates, the kids gasped and started eating, but Lillian hesitated.

Mark asked, "Something wrong?" He grabbed some food.

"No, just thinking." Lillian said quietly. She grabbed some food and started eating slowly.

Soon though, the plates were cleaned off, and Professer Flake said gently, "Have a good night, prefects, show the first years to the dormitiories."

As they followed a prefect up the winding staircase, Mark commented, "There's a lot of staircases."

"Thanks Mark, I didn't know." Lillian grunted sarcastically. Also looking up with tired and annoyed eyes.

The prefect grunted, "Gryffindors this way." He led them up several staircases, and they stopped in front of a potrait of a fat lady.

"Password?" She asked flatly.

"Pig snout," the prefect grunted, and let the first years go first. As they clampered through the portrait hole, the potrait shut behind the prefect, and he said, "Girls, to your right, boys to your left."

She looked at Mark, who shrugged, and they walked up the staircase, they seperated. When Lillian walked into the girls dormitory, some girls were already in there, getting their trunks open. She looked around the room, it was a soft reddish pink, and it smelled nice, and it was open.

She spotted her trunk by a bed, a long with, her owls cage, her owl was a Screech named Talon. Talon was male, because Lillian thought naming a female owl Talon was probably not the best idea.

She got into her pajamas and went to bed, excited to learn the next day.

At breakfast the next morning Mark was growling at his time-table, "Ugh, we have potions with the Slytherins first!"

"Not on good terms with the Slytherins are you?" Connor muttered.

"No." Mark grunted.

Connor didn't say anything as he ate, then owl post arrived, Talon among them.

Lillian watched as Talon landed, holding out his leg.

"Ah, my aunt got my letter!" Lillian said, oddly satisfied.

Connor looked at her confused. "When did you write to her?" He asked.

"During summer, but she lives long ways away, somewhere in Ireland I think." Lillian answered him, reading the letter to herself.

Dear Lillian

I see why you are worried, the disappearence of Gwenneth was unlucky, but you shouldn't worry about the death eaters finding you too, after all, you are a metamorphmagus like your mother was.

Mark just stared at her. "You're a metamorphmagus?" He asked in awe.

Lillian didn't answer him, then said calmly, "Let's get to potions, sure the Slytherins are an unpleasent lot, doesn't mean the teacher will be."

She was semi-right, the teacher wasn't very pleasent sure, but she was a bit nicer than the Slytherins.

When she had walked into the classroom, closing the blinds, casting the rooms into darkness, she had seemed to be old, at least 50 years old.

She looked around the class, and said, "I'm Professer Fall, I am the potions master, there will be no wand waving in here." She added with a glance to a Slytherin boy, who had his wand in his hand.

She flipped a board. "We'll start with the boil cure potion, it's pretty elementry," she said, then pointed to the instructions on the board. "Those are the instructions, you can commence now."

They commenced, Lillian was afraid something would explode.

But she did the potion, and got a good mark, surprisingly, but got deducted by a bit because the colour of the potion was off.

Connors was perfect, and Marks potion... Wasn't on spot to say the least.

Lillian looked at her time table. "Defence Against The Dark Arts next, let's hope the teacher is more pleasant." She said.

When they walked in, there were Hufflepuffs, who were whispering to each-other, but Lillian didn't know what about.

They stopped when the teacher from the train stepped in, he looked friendly, so Lillian's spirits uplifted.

He waited until the Hufflepuffs stopped talking before starting the lesson, "I am Professor Snow." He looked at the class with bright blue eyes.

He asked, "Does anyone know what the Knockback jinx is?" He looked over the class, and when a Hufflepuff girl whipped her hand into the air, narrowly missing the boy sitting beside her, who made a face at her. She said, "The knockback jinx, or Flipendo, can be used to knock back creatures or people!"

Professer Snow smiled, "Good job Miss. Lewis, ten points to Hufflepuff."

He said calmly, "The knock-back jinx is quite elementry, and easy to learn, even though it can be made more powerful, you will only be learning the basics today." He smiled, then pointed his wand at one of the targets in the back, he didn't say anything, but it was like a mini-tornado of sparks.

The class watched in awe as he turned to look at them, "That was Flipendo Tria, it charges the spell to be more powerful."

The class looked at each-other excitedly, and Professor Snow said cheerly, "You can practice it with the targets around the room, I assure you if you break anything, it can easily be fixed, so don't worry." He added, a smile on his face.

The class seperated, and Lillian, Connor and Mark shared a target, looking at each-other, Mark asked curiously, "Who wants to go first?"

Lillian said nervously, "I-I'll go first," she raised her wand to the target, Connor and Mark backed away, and Lillian muttered, "Flipendo."

A shot of purple/blue light shot out of her wand, and hit the target, but it bounced off, hitting her back.

Professor Snow rushed over, "Are you all right?" He asked nervously.

Lillian grunted, "Just fine, at least I know it works at knocking back things." She got helped up by Connor, who looked like he was trying not to laugh.

Professor Snow looked at the target confused, then shrugged, "Well, as long as you're all right!" He said, then walked away to help a Hufflepuff boy, who's wand was refusing to work.

Mark laughed, "How much you want to bet that it works for me?"

Lillian hissed, "Two sickles to bet it hits you in the stomach."

Mark laughed then said, "Flipendo!"

It was obvious that his wand had a bit more power then Lillian's, because the spell blasted the target backwards harshly, and knocked into the wall.

Lillian gave him two sickles, hissing, "Beginners luck."

Mark shook his head. "Next time you do it, don't sound so nervous." He said smugly, then looked at Connor, who looked like both of them were crazy.

Connor then sneered, which was unlike him, "Since this is turning to a competition, I bet I can do something that you both can't do."

They both looked at him and asked, "What?"

Connor faced the target, his eyes in deep concentration, then a purple light blasted out of his wand, almost breaking the target in half, then turned to them with a smug look on his face, with them staring at him.

"Did you just do that spell non-verbally?!" Lillian gasped, her eyes wide.

Connor looked at them. "Yeah, it requires a great deal of concentration, something Mark can't do." He said, looking at Mark.

When the bell rang, they hurried back to the Common Room, to get to work on their Potions homework.

"Stupid. Potions." Mark growled as they started their homework, which was to produce a simple Wiggenweld potion for the next potions lesson.

A while later Connor muttered, "I don't know what the problem is, the ingredients weren't hard to find." He was stirring his potion absentmindedly.

"Easy for you to say!" Mark grunted.

Lillian was almost finished, and when it was finished she said, "Mark, can you come with me? I need to see something."

Mark, who never asks anything, nodded. "Sure."

As they walked, the castle grew steadily darker, and they walked into a Slytherin.

"Excuse me." The Slytherin sneered in a sniffling voice, as if he had a cold, holding a green candle, Lillian didn't smell anything though, she also had a slight cold also, and she was staring confused at Mark, who looked like he was going to be sick.

Lillian poked Mark, who was shaking, and turning pale white, she shook Mark. "Hey, are you okay?!"

He didn't answer, but he looked like he was one of the ghosts.

Lillian looked around horrified, "I-I-"

A teacher was walking past when Mark, finally looked like he was about to fall, the teacher rushed to them, looking stressed.

The professor was female, with dark circles under her eyes, "What happened?" She asked worriedly.

Mark was leaning on the staircase railing, looking like he was dying.

Lillian said, "He was fine when we were walking, but then we walked into a Slytherin, who was holding a green candle, but the candle was weird, the Slytherin walked away, and Mark started looking like this!"

The professor looked at Mark closely, whos eyes were almost white.

"Hmm, must have been a poisonous candle, but what is a student doing with one?" She muttered to herself.

Lillian asked worriedly, "Is he going to be all right?"

The teacher nodded. "I've seen this before.. I lost one of my friends to a Poison candle," she brought out a potion, which looked just as dangerous as the candle, but she looked at Lillian, "This potion is a cure for uncommon poisons, this should hold off the effects of the candle long enough for me to get him to the Hospitol Wing." She said.

Lillian nodded as the teacher gave Mark the potion, who had his eyes closed, and was breathing too slowly.

The potion seemed to have an effect, because Mark opened one eye, which was no longer white, but were back to their green, but he still looked sick.

The teacher helped him then looked at Lillian. "Don't worry, I'm sure Madame Foster will heal him, she can cure anything." She said, with the same friendliness as Professor Snow.

As she walked away with Mark, Lillian rushed away almost crashing into Connor, who looked like he was also finished with his potion, but when he saw the look on Lillians face, his smile turned into a frown, his eyes narrowed as Lillian hugged him.

"What happened?" He asked as Lillian started to shake.

"Mark was poisoned, by a poison candle, we walked into a Slytherin..." Lillian answered.

Connor started to look angry, it was subtle, but Lillian knew him well enough to know he was angry, really angry.

"Is he all right?" He asked.

"Yes, a teacher came by." Lillian answered, she was willing to answer any questions Connor had, because he was Marks brother, he needed to know.

Connor finally sighed, "You look like your going to be sick." He said.

Lillian didn't answer, then shook again. "I-I'm so sorry Connor, I was so stupid, why did it to happen to him and not me?" She cried.

Connor said softly, "It's okay Lillian, you didn't smell the fumes, which were likely toxic, because you have that cold of yours, Mark didn't have a cold."

Lillian started to feel angry inside, hating the Slytherin who did that to her friend, Connor asked, "Do you want me to try and teach you on how to do non-verbal spells?"

Lillian just nodded, and followed him back to the common room.

Chapter 3Edit

The next day, Lillian felt like she was going to be sick again, as she walked down the stair-case. Connor was looking a bit angry, but he was absolutely quiet as they walked down to the great hall together, not sharing words, or looking at each-other, Lillian thought it was a bit scary. The silence.

Connor muttered, "We have charms." That was the only thing he said to her at breakfast, even though Lillian knew he didn't blame her for what happened to Mark, there was something in his silence that told he was hiding something, something he didn't want Lillian to know.

Lillian said, "Charms? Huh.."

Connor just nodded, then stood up after finishing his breakfast.

Lillian watched as he walked away from her, likely going to Charms, but Lillian needed help with her Knockback jinx, so she went to Professor Snow, who was talking with Professor Wood, who looked a bit more better from the last time she saw him.

"Oh, hello Lillian!" Professor Snow said, and he asked, "Do you need something?"

Lillian looked up at him. "Um, can I practice my Knock-back jinx after my Charms class?" She asked.

He shrugged. "No problem, I'll be in there anyways." He said.

Lillian nodded her thanks, then ran after Connor, who had disappeared, and she had no idea where Charms class was, as she ran out of the entrance hall, she ran into another student, she muttered, "Excuse me!" In a hurried voice, and started to walk away.

"Oy, you weren't going to just leave me were you?" A voice behind her asked, "You almost tackled me into the ground."

Lillian sighed, "I'm sorry, but I really need to-" She turned to face the student, but it wasn't just any student.

It was Mark.

Lillian just stared at him in amazement, last time she saw him, he was pale white, almost dead looking, now it seemed he was healed.

Mark then looked confused. "Um? Is there something you need to say? You seem out of it." He said, looking at her.

"Out of it..." She said faintly, she then walked up to him and started shaking him. "You almost died, and all you can say is "You seem out of it?!" She then hugged him.

Mark said, "Ow! I'm sorry, I wasn't making myself out to be thick!" as he shook, "Like it was my fault!" He added.

Lillian stopped. "Huh? What do you mean?"

Mark stepped back, "I knew that Slytherin, he was in our potions class, he didn't have that candle then!" He said quickly.

"So you are all right?" Lillian asked.

"Just peachy." Mark said good-naturedly.

Lillian sighed, "Well, Connor left to go to Charms, and I asked Professor Snow if I could practice Flipendo in his class after Charms." She said calmly.

Mark said quietly, "I'll come, after all, I did it better."

Lillian just glared at him, and asked, "You know the way to Charms class?"

"Nope, I'm going to improvise." Mark laughed, "Besides, I'm always right on where classes are!" He added.

Lillian rolled her eyes as he led the way to Charms, hopefully.

They soon found it, but they weren't the ones late, a group of Ravenclaws had tussled in, glaring at each-other as Mark and Lillian stepped aside.

"Pushy lot." Mark grunted.

A Ravenclaw stared at Mark, expressionless, before going to find her seat.

He repeated, "Pushy lot," a bit louder, then saw Connor, who didn't see him, and decided to go sneak up on him, and Lillian whispered, "That's not a good idea, Mark." He heard her, he must have ignored her because he was hurrying over too Connor.

But unluckily for Mark, Connor had turned around, eyes narrowed.

Mark just waved and sat down, a bit angry that his plan didn't work, he muttered something to himself, then looked around. "Where's the teacher?" Mark asked Lillian, who shrugged, the only thing at the teachers desk was a cat, Lillian didn't know teachers were allowed to have pets, which seemed unlikely.

"That cat is staring at me." A Ravenclaw student muttered to his friend, who seemed confused.

The cat narrowed it's eyes, then what happened next totally stunned Lillian, because the cat wasn't a cat at all. It was an Animagus.

The cat transformed into Professor Wood, who looked a bit confused at the stunned silence. "Well, I don't usually get silence, but hey, I don't usually plan to scare students." He added as the Ravenclaw boy squeaked.

He stayed silent as the students stared at him, then he sighed, "Well, I am Professor Wood."

The Ravenclaws looked at each-other, while the Gryffindorrs were in awe.

He narrowed his eyes, "I'm going to teach you the Hover Charm today, does anyone know the incantation for it?" He asked.

Lillian finally knew an answer for a question, she whipped her hand into the air, narrowly missing Mark, who ducked.

Professor Wood looked at her, and she answered, "Windgardium Leviosa."

He nodded, and he said as the Ravenclaw's stared at Lillian. "Yes, correct."

Mark muttered, "So we have to make something fly?"

The teacher said in a laugh. "Surprisingly, Mr. O'Hara, you indeed do have to make something fly."

Lillian realised there were feathers on the desk, which she didn't notice before.

He had his own feather which was on the desk, he muttered, "Wingardium Leviosa." He flicked his wand, and the feather started to float off the desk, and the students watched in awe.

He looked at them. "Now you try." He said.

Lillian stared at her feather then brought out her wand, and said, "Wingardium Leviosa." but nothing happened, and she stared at Connor, who seemed just as confused as she was.

Mark had repeated the incantation several times to no avail, he started to get annoyed, and went to prodding the feather.

Lillian, frustrated, said quickly, "Wingardium Leviosa!" The feather seemed to lift, and she flicked her wand up, the feather seemed to follow suit. She stared in amazement.

Connor and Mark looked at her, then went back to their feathers, more frustrated then ever.

When the class was over, the Ravenclaws left quickly, Professor Wood had soon turned back into a cat, jumping onto his desk, staring down at some papers.

Lillian just followed Mark and Connor out of the class, and they headed off back to the dormitory.


Lillian walked alone to Professors Snow's class, it was almost dusk, and she entered nervously, looking around, and realised Professor Snow must be in his office, marking papers. She stepped in, "Um... Professor? You there?"

A student, a 5th year, who was writing something, said quickly, "He had to go to the grounds, to talk with Professor Wilson, he should still be there."

She said, "Thanks." Then realised it was a Slytherin, but wasn't the Slytherin with the candle. She hurried away, and walked down the steps to the great hall, and opened the door to the moonlit court-yard.

Lillian walked down to an old hut down in the grounds, she saw two teachers talking to each-other. As she headed down, she heard a howl, she turned to the forbidden forest.

She shook her head and continued walking, but turned when she heard growling, and came face to face with a wolf, but it looked different, not totally wolf.

Lillian just stared, too confused to scream or run or just say something to the creature...

She turned to look at the teachers, who were also staring at her, one of the teachers yelled, "Miss. White, back up, back up!"

Lillian didn't move, she was rooted on the spot, and stared as the wolf like creature stood up, staring at her also.

She turned quickly, and saw a large brown dog jump over her, and land in front of the wolf-like creature, snarling at the wolf.

She turned to the female professor, who was talking to Professor Snow moments before, but Lillian thought, But, where is Professor Snow? She then remembered what Professor Wood was, and she registered that the large brown dog was Professor Snow.

The wolf snarled also, and backed up as the brown dog padded forward.

Professor Wilson dragged Lillian away from the two animals, who looked like they were about to attack each-other.

Soon there was a snarl of rage, the brown dog lauched himself at the wolf, who was taken aback, and kicked the dog away from it, who whimpered in pain, standing up, ears back.

As the dog lauched another attack on the wolf, the wolf and the dog tussled into a tree, the dog slammed into it as the wolf kicked the dog away.

Lillian then did something stupid. She mimicked a howl, and the wolf stopped, staring at her.

She looked at the wolf, but there was something familiar about the wolf.

The wolf then stared at the dog, who seemed injured, and started to whimper, backing away. It's ears flat, and ran into the forest.

The dog was limping away, ears flat, and was panting.

Professor Wilson followed the dog, "Hey! What were you thinking?" She asked worriedly.

The dog stopped, then looked at them, it's blue eyes hurt.

Lillian asked, "Professor... Are you okay?"

The dog looked at Lillian, then transformed back into Professor Snow, who was bleeding, he sighed, "That's happened before, I'll be fine." He seemed more injured then he was telling.

Professor Wilson asked, "But why did you do that?"

"That's not the first time, I had to stop her on multiple occasions," he seemed out of breath, then shook his head, "I'm telling you, I'll be fine, she wasn't meaning to hurt anybody."

"So she did take the wolfsbane potion?" Professor Wilson asked.

Professor Snow said quickly, "Only a small quanitity, that's what made her seem a bit confused when Miss. White howled."

Lillian had no idea what they were talking about, but stayed quiet, and Professor Snow looked at Lillian, "I should take you back to the castle." He muttered

Lillian watched as he transformed back into a dog, and limped to the castle, Lillian asked curiously, "What was that thing Professor?"

The dog just kept going, but flicked his tail as he led her back to his classroom, the class was totally empty.

Professor Snow transformed back again and sighed, "That was a were-wolf Miss. White, but your not in the year to actually understand what a were-wolf is." He said as he looked around.

Lillian looked him over, he looked pretty done in.

He said calmly, "If you really need to practice the knockback-jinx, Saturday you can use this classroom."

Lillian nodded, "Thanks, Professor."

He just shrugged, "No problem, you should get to bed Miss. White, it's almost midnight."

Lillian walked away, the corridors were dark, and she shivered when there was an eerie wind, but she didn't know she was going down to the dungeons, and not upstairs to the warmth of the common room, where she would be safe in bed.

Even when she realised she wasn't going the right way, she got curious, and opened a door to one of the dungeons, hoping there would be a secret passage.

She tripped into a very wet dungeon, she stood up, her cloak dripping wet, she looked up, then seemed confused, it was lit by dim torches, which showed the whole dungeon was flooded.

She shivered, it was cold, and it didn't help that she was wet.

"Hello?" She called down the hall, but there was no answer, but a feeling of dread washed over her, and she started up the steps again, but the torches went out, and she realised the door had locked. She was trying to remember the unlocking spell, but the feeling of despair was getting stronger, and the environment soon became cold and dreadful.

She couldn't see very well in the dark, she lifted her wand, wondering what was going to jump out at her, but she felt the handle suddenly heat up, and she backed away, and there was a light shining through the hole, and the door opened to Connor who looked horrified, and pulled Lillian out of the dungeon, and closed the door.

"Lillian! That thing was almost right in front of you!" Connor exclaimed.

"What thing? I didn't see anything!" she said, "All I felt was cold and dread, and the torches went out!" She shivered "It also felt like every happy feeling I had just disappeared!"

"Dementor." Connor said flatly.

"A what?" Lillian asked.

"Mum is always talking about them, a whole lot of them loose, dementers suck every good feeling out of you, and if they get far enough, they take away your soul." Connor said calmly.

Lillian shivered, "But why didn't I see it?"

Connor looked at her. "Because, you were in the dark, the dementors are hooded black creatures, I almost didn't see it either, what is one doing in the school?" He asked in a mused tone.

Lillian shrugged. "Well, we should get of here, before there's trouble, who knows what trouble we'd get in."

Connor nodded, and was about to drag her away, but the door slowly opened, with them watching horrified, a large cloaked figure, which was hovering a few feet above the ground, Connor and Lillian backed up slowly, eyes wide.

Lillian felt dread and grief wave upon her, the Dementor turned to look at her, and if it had eyes, it would have had a hungry, interested gaze in the depths.

Lillian hid behind Connor, but the dementor seemed to only be targeting her, Connor whispered, "I don't know the charm to repel it, but it's supposed to be very complex magic."

She whimpered as the dementor loomed over them.

"Oh, wait, it was the Patronus Charm, but it's no use to us, since it's advanced magic." Connor commented.

"Brilliant Connor, that's just as helpful as Mark in Potions." Lillian said sarcastially.

As the Dementor charged, a large misty wolf bounded over them, charging the dementor back into the dungeon depths.

They turned around, to see Professor Snow, who's eyes were confused, "What are you two doing down here?" He asked curiously.

Lillian couldn't find an excuse, so she said, "Well... I-I got lost, and... I stumbled into an open doorway, and..."

Professor Snow sighed, "Well, as long as you weren't intentionally trying to break into the forbidden Dungeon." He looked at Lillian, "Are you okay?"

Lillian nodded. "I'll be fine, what was that thing you sent at it?" She asked.

"That was a Corpoeral Patronus Charm, very hard to practice, it requires a very powerful happy memory, and a lot of concentration." He answered.

Lillians eyes widened, "What year do students learn it?" She asked.

Professor Snow replied, "In very later years, very complex magic that is, takes a very high-degree of self confidence," he then looked at them. "You two better be off to bed." He added.

Connor and Lillian rushed away, and finally stopped in front of the portrait, Lillian was still thinking about the Patronus Charm. Connor asked, "Are you coming?" He was already inside, then Lillian replied, "Um, I'll catch up, I forgot something."

Connor just glanced at her, and she ran off, wanting to be alone, she wasn't the type to go wandering off.

She looked along the corridor, it was the seventh floor, it was silent, but it was a nice kid of silence, moonlight shone from the windows, lighting the corridor.

She thought, I wish I could try that charm, but it's so advanced! After her thought, there was a strange creaking sound, and when she turned, there was a big black door, almost as high as the ceiling. She looked at it confused.

But her curiosity got the best of her, she opened the door, only to find the room completely empty.

She looked around, Huh.. then muttered, "I know it's advanced magic... But there's no harm in trying..."

She thought, What was the charm again? I think it was Expecto Patronum, and Professor Snow said I needed to think of a very powerful happy memory, and to have self confidence, first.. I can do it! She nodded determined, and brought out her wand.

She thought of her buying her things, but she wondered if that was powerful enough.

She said, "Expecto Patronum."

Nothing came out, she thought, Nope... Not powerful enough...

She tried again, thinking of the time in Defence Against The Dark Arts, it was happy, she had fun, that must be powerful.

She said, more clearly, "Expecto Patronum!" She pointed her wand at nothing, and a light silver mist came out of her wand, but it had taken no shape, but it was something.

She laughed, "Wow..." She put her wand down. "I need to think of a happier memory."

The answer was in front of her face, she was likely the first ever first year to be able to make a non-corpoeral patronus.

She thought of that and said, even more confident, "Expecto patronum!"

A blast of silver came out, it was in the shape of a large dog, it looked around, then looked at her, it's gaze flat, but playfulness and loyalty shone in it's eyes.

She gawked, "I-I did it!" She looked around the room, "Maybe I should tell Mark and Connor about this place."

The dog disappeared, and she left the room quickly, running to the common room, and smiling all the way up to the dormitory, feeling like she finally was good at something.

She fell asleep quickly, almost causing her to almost be late for Potions, where Connor seemed a bit confused at her joyfulness, and she only whispered, "Just meet me in the seventh floor common room." As they handed in their Wiggenweld potions.

She was practically skipping to Herbology, and the teacher introduced herself, "I am Professor Green, I am your teacher, does anyone know what this plant is?"

She brought out a snake-like plant, and it seemed to be writhing.

Amazingly, Mark had put up his hand and said, "That's Devils Snare, it constricts humans, and will only kill you faster if you panic."

Connor and Lillian stared at him, and Professor Green nodded, "Correct Mr. O'Hara, five points to Gryffindor," she added, "What do Devils Snare like?"

A Hufflepuff put up her hand, "They like the cold and damp, preferring darkness, light is their weakness"

"Correct! Five points to Hufflepuff!" Professor Green said, clearly happy about her class. Mark smiled at Connor, who looked confused.

"Devils Snare is extremely dangerous, and should be approached with caution," Professor Green said flatly, "For they can kill someone fairly quickly if they panic, but they do have a weakness to light."

The bell rang to signal the end of class, Connor and Mark followed Lillian. "What did you want to show us anyways?" Connor asked.

Lillian didn't answer, but only led them to the seventh floor, she went to where the big black door was, but it was gone.

Lillian looked confused, "There was a door here..."

Mark looked at the wall. "Well, I know there's no door there," he said and looked at Connor, "Is there?"

Lillian thought, It was there, I really want to show them. but after her thought, there was a big creaking noise, and Mark squeaked.

The big black door seemed to engrave itself out of the wall, and soon it was fully formed to the big black door, Lillian looked at them, and went inside, with them following.

They followed her in and Connor asked, "What is it you want to show us?" He looked around the room, faintly surprised.

Lillian brought her wand, thinking of her happy memory, "Expecto Patronum!"

The dog burst forth again, running around the room, Connor and Mark stared at her in shock, "Wow..." Mark watched the dog.

"Looks like I can do something you can't." She said to Connor, who was staring at her.

They jumped when they heard a slam outside, they peeked out, to see the two Slytherins whispering, "Half-breeds... The lot of them!"

"I didn't know Metamorphmagi were half breeds." The girl Slytherin said in confusion.

"Metamorphmagi are human, but shape shifters, I'd say that's half-breed enough for me." The Slytherin boy growled.

Lillian narrowed her eyes at the Slytherin, who had walked away with his friend.

"Okay, let's go." Connor said, and dragged Lillian and Mark away from where the Slytherins had left, going down the stair-case.

"Well, that's not something you hear in a civilized conversation." Mark commented, likely referring to the half-breed comment the Slytherin made.

Lillian was angry, her gaze was flat and glaring, and her hands were balled into fists.

"Don't let it get to you Lillian," Connor muttered, "I think Slytherins call everyone names."

Mark said quickly, "We have to go to the Astronomy tower at midnight," he grunted, "Totally ruins my sleep."

"I think it ruins everyone sleep, that means we have a few hours of sleep after that class." Lillian said fatly, not wanting to be tired either.

As they went back to the common room, some first years were huddled in a group, looking down at a piece of paper, staring.

The Hunter twins looked up. "About time you three got back, you missed something a bit funny." They said in unisen.

"What's funny?" Lillian asked.

Allen, one of the twins said, "It's a bit scary, but interesting!"

Cameron, his brother also said, "Very scary, actually... A bit weird now that I think about it." He added with a glance to the paper.

Lillian said, "Well let me have a look at it then, if it's so important." She held her hand out, and was given the paper by one of the first years.

She read it to herself.

We don't need him

Allen said, "What we're confused about, is who was the person that sent it, and they weren't specific on who Him was."

Lillian gave it to Mark, who read it in faint interest, then said quietly, "I have a feeling we're in danger." She looked at the fire.

Cameron said faintly, "You think, oh, that makes us feel much better Lily," he narrowed his eyes, Allen commented, "Totally better, Lily."

"Since when was your name shortened?" Mark asked.

"Since I was born?" Lillian grunted testily, "I don't mind people calling me Lily."

Mark smiled. "Lily... That sounds a lot better then saying Lillian." He said.

Allen and Cameron looked at each-other. "Well, should we find out who sent the note?" They asked in unison to Lilllian, who was in deep thought.

"How are we going to find that out?" Mark asked testily.

Cameron and Allen looked at each-other, then got a mischieveous gleam in their eyes.

"Oh no, not bloody happening!" Lillian glared at them.

Cameron and Allen looked at her. "Oh... Please Lillian, it's for a good cause." Allen said in a too innocent voice, staring at her.

"No." Lillian grunted.

"Aww, please Lily?" Cameron begged.

Lillian looked away, but looked at Cameron and Allen, who were staring at her with their big wide blue eyes, Lillian flinched, "Fine." She sighed.

Cameron said, "This is what we want you to do," he added with a glance to Allen, "Can you look like a guy for a few hours?"

Lillian growled, "Don't push it, Cameron!"

Cameron sighed, "But your the only Metamorphmagus in this whole school!"

Lillian stared at him, then sighed, "I don't need to change my hair, it's already short."

"Your hair still looks girly, make it like... Um... Professor Snow's!" Allen said excited.

"What do you need me to grow tall with blue eyes too?" Lillian asked cautiously.

"Exactly! Now you're getting it!" Cameron said, "Also, you might need bigger robes, and your going to have to change back to your normal self very quickly if you run into Professor Snow." He added.

Lillian sighed, "Fine, give me the robes, and wait for me." She hurried up the stairs, not looking forward to what the twins were planning.

When she was finished getting changed, she went back down, then they all waited tensely as she changed her look.

She glared at them, and Cameron added, "Be believable Lily, Professor Snow doesn't usually glare, he's friendly and nice."

Lily grunted, "I could easily not do this you know."

"Ah, but you are," Cameron smiled. Then gave her the piece of paper, "Remember, just ask the teachers if they know who's handwriting that is, they won't know," he added then pushed her out the common room, "Good luck!" Cameron and Allen said.

Mark asked, "Want me to follow you?"

"Fine, not to close though, and I need to be finished by midnight." Lillian said.

As she walked, she faintly felt as if Mark was waiting for her to get far enough, she ran into a Hufflepuff girl who looked up, "Oh, sorry Professor!" and the Hufflepuff hurried away.

Lillian sighed, then continued walking.

"Oh professor! I'm glad I found you, I have a question!" Lillian froze, turning around to see the Slytherin that was talking about half-breeds.

"Remember that bat-bogey hex you talked about?" He asked, and Lillian thought, Thankfully I was there. She asked, "Yes?"

"Well, doesn't it make the person it's aimed at sick?" He pressed on.

Lillian stared at him, but noticed a faint silver creature in the corner, taking the shape of wolf, looking at her with a flat expression.

"I think your thinking of the curse of the bogies." Lillian stared at the wolf, as she told him.

"Oh, thanks Professor!" The Slytherin ran off.

She went towards the wolf, looking at it, then murmured, "Expecto Patronum," a dog came out of her wand, she murmured, "I'm sorry professor, but something important has come up," she showed the wolf the piece of paper, and while it stared, she said to her patronus, "Please send the message to Professor Snow."

The dog seemed to nod, and disappeared, but the wolf wasn't staring in awe at the paper, it was staring at Lillian, and where her patronus was moments before.

"Well?" Lillian said to the wolf, and when it stood up and disappeared, Mark had come out of the shadows, "Woah, what was that?"

"He knows Mark." She said quietly.

"Who does?" He asked.

"Professor Snow, he knows that I'm a metamorphmagus." She repeated.

"What? How?!" Mark exclaimed.

"That patronus, it's his patronus, Mark." She answered.

"Wow, that's bad luck." Mark commented.

Lillian looked around. "I think we should go back, before someone else turns up." She said quickly, leading Mark back up to the portrait hole.

They scrambled in, Cameron, who was busy over a piece of paper, had looked up and asked curiously, "Did you find out anything?"

Lillian didn't answer, only hurried back up to the girls dormitory, which was empty, she changed back to her robes, and went back down, then said, "Well, only one teacher knows about the letter, unluckily, that teacher is Professor Snow."

Allen and Cameron just stared, but Allen commented, "He's nice, I don't think he'd get you in trouble." Cameron nodded.

Connor and Mark shared a glance, then looked at Lillian.

Lillian shrugged, "Well, we better get to bed. I've got some light reading I want to do." She said perkily, and they all looked at her suspiciously.

As Lillian ran up to the girls dormitory, and grabbed the book that her aunt had sent her at breakfast, and started reading it.


She walked down the hallway towards flying lessons, she didn't really like the air, because when she was young she went on a plane, and she was scared to death.

Last thing I will ever do. She thought nervously, Broomsticks weren't her favourite right now, and she wasn't so keen on getting on one.

"Oh come on, Lily, it can't be that bad." Cameron said, looking at her with an amused expression on his face, "Flying on a broomstick will likely be the best thing you will ever do!"

Lillian ignored him, trying to concentrate on keeping down her breakfast.

"Well, not everyone likes flying," Allen said, looking a bit confused at his brother, then he shrugged, "I love flying, but I guess not everyone does."

Mark jumped in with his opinion on the matter, "But quidditch is the best sport around!" He hesitated and looked at Lillian, "Why are you scared of flying anyways?" He asked.

"It's a long story, Mark," she muttered, eyeing the courtyard with uneasiness, "A very long story."

Mark rolled his eyes. "You make flying sound like a bad thing." He said, looking at his brother, who was being eerily quiet.

Connor had finally glanced at Mark, "What?"

"Oh, nothing. You're just being quiet." Mark pointed out.

"Which isn't very different from him anyways," Cameron said flatly, then looked at Connor, "I think he wants your opinion, Connor."

Connor shrugged, "I don't really know."

Mark looked confused, then shrugged, "All right, let's hurry though, I'm pretty excited!" He said quickly, and ran ahead of them.

"How much you want to bet Mark is going to regret running so quickly to the lesson?" Allen commented, raising an eye-brow.

Lillian relaxed, and hurried also, she stopped beside Mark, who was looking down at the brooms with interest. Cameron, Allen, and Connor had finally caught up.

They were with the Slytherins once again, who were muttering to each-other, looking around.

A teacher came strutting down to them, her blue eyes flashing, and her long blonde hair tied up into a pony tail. She stopped in front of the class, and looked around at them.

"Morning class!" she piped, looking around the class, "I'm Professor Snow, I am going to be your flying teacher."

Lillian seemed confused, There are two Professor Snows? She thought, and stared at her.

She walked down the line, looking at everyone. "What I want you all to do, is to put your hand over your broom, and say up, but with feeling! Try to show no fear." She said, then she crossed her arms and waited.

Lillian looked over at Allen, who said, "Up!" The broom went immediately into his hand, and he looked at Cameron smugly.

Cameron shrugged, and said, "Up!" His broom went into his hand also.

That's when all the class started, some brooms went on automatically, but some rolled around on the ground, and some just... Stayed still.

She looked at her broom nervously, then said quietly, "Up.." It kind of rolled, but it didn't leap into her hands.

Connor already had his, and he ducked when Lillians decided to buck up, and try to hit anyone near it.

Lillian dodged also, but Mark wasn't so lucky, he shook his head as the broom finally settled, and rubbed his head.

Lillian growled frustrated, "Up!" The broom jumped into her hand, and she almost fell over. She stared at it in awe, almost feeling excited.

Mark smiled, then finally got his broom, and looked down at the Slytherins, who were still having trouble.

She then continued as the Slytherns finally got their brooms in their hands. "Now I want you to mount it, remember to grip it tight, kick of the ground, hover in the air for a few minutes, then lean forward on the broom to go down, don't go too high though!" She put the whistle in her mouth.

Everyone waited tensely, finally she blew her whistle, and Allen and Cameron pushed of at the same time, flying a bit high, and stayed at that height, looking down at everyone.

Lillian pushed off the ground by accident, and she clutched the broom tightly, shivering, her eyes were open, staring at the ground, as she floated to Allens and Camerons height, staring at them.

"Not bad," Allen commented, "Relax, Lily, with the teacher here, you won't fall."

Lillian relaxed, then looked around. A bit surprised, and not as scared anymore.

Connor and Mark came up to them, soon the teacher was in the air, flying around, making sure no one was going to fall, and instructing people on how to hold the broom while in the air.

The Slytherins were staring at their little group, as the rest of the Gryffindors were scattered.

Mark stared at them also, and commented, "They seem interested in what we are doing."

Lillian backed up in the air, watching the Slytherins.

Allen made a face, then ignored them.

As Lillian turned around, to face Mark, there was a large bang, and her eye-sight blackened. And she felt herself clutch at the broom, because the spell had obviously shook her, making her unable to see temporarly. She gasped, as she almost fell, towards the cold hard ground beneath her.

Chapter 4Edit

"Is she dead?" A voice said in a wondering voice, obviously worried, but with a hint of amusement in his voice.

Another voice snapped in, "They both got hit! She only got a bit of it, he didn't," the voice sighed, "I wonder if he did it on purpose."

A softer voice said, "Calm down you two, she'll be fine, she didn't really harm herself, since whatever happened, she got close to the ground as possible."

The two quarreling voices fell silent, and the softer one continued, "She might have sprained something though, I'll take her up to the hospital wing."

"But-" But he was silenced.

"Mr.O'Hara, you have to trust me, your friend and your brother will be fine." She reassured him.

Lillian couldn't tell wether it was Mark or Connor, but it must have been Mark, because he seemed to be talking a lot more.

"That Slytherin did it! He had his wand out and everything!" Mark exclaimed.

Lillian muttered, "I don't even know what happened.."

There was a collective gasp of relief, and she opened her eyes, she sat up, and winced at the sunlight. She looked around slowly, and everyone either had confused or horrified looks on their faces.

Allen said, "Oh, we don't expect you to know what happened, just that the Slytherins tried to kill you, but nope, we don't expect you to know anything at all!"

Lillian rolled her eyes, then stood up, having to be helped up by Mark, becase her ankle was throbbing.

Lillian shook, not entirely sure what exactly happened, as she looked around, everyone was watching her tensely, even some of the Slytherins who weren't part of the other Slytherins group, some of them looked shocked.

Lillian flinched when she put her ankle fully on the ground, and she asked curiously, "I'll ask again, what happened?"

Allen and Cameron just looked at each-other, and Mark stayed silent.

Lillian was confused, and Professor Snow grunted, "Mark, Allen, and Cameron, take Miss. White to the Gryffindor common room."

Mark, Cameron, and Allen nodded, and herded Lillian away, Lillian asked, "What? What happened?"

Mark growled, "I'll tell you later, just keep limping you limp."

"Yeah, and if you fall through that 9th step, we can just watch, and laugh." Allen and Cameron said together, their eyes flashing.

Lillian muttered, "You two are all heart, but seriously Mark, what happened?"

"Well, let's just say Slytherins are evil, and like to cast spells when you aren't paying attention, I'll explain more when we get you to the common room!" Mark grunted, dragging Lillian up the stairs.

"Ow! You could be at least more gentle!" Lillian flinched.

"Sorry." Mark muttered.

They were totally silent as they came up to the common room, they sat Lillian down on one of the chairs and stared at her.

"Can you tell me what is going on now?" She asked testily, staring at Mark, who started to look very uncomfortable.

"Let's wait for Professor Snow to get here, so he can heal your sprained ankle." Mark said in a strained voice, staring at the fire.

Lillian rolled her eyes, and jumped when Professor Snow walked in, looking just as stressed as his sister.

"Ah, Slytherins, they never stop do they?" Professor Snow asked softly, and pointed his wand at Lillians ankle, "Episkey!"

A stab of pain flashed through her, but it stopped in seconds, she moved her ankle, and was surprised when it didn't hurt.

When Professor Snow walked out after telling Lillian she would be fine, and she finally looked at Mark, who got a sad expression on his face.

"Well... You got blasted with Everte Statum, I know that, but I don't think you were hit as bad." Mark faltered, glancing at Allen.

"Yeah, you went down after nearing the ground, Connor literally got blasted off his broom, I'm surprised you guys both didn't get seriously injured!" Allen said.

"Wait! I think Connor pushed me, that's why I only got a small portion of it! Oh... Is he all right?!" Lillian exclaimed, starting to panic.

"He'll be fine." Mark said, then looked at Allen and Cameron, "I think we should all go to bed, double potions tomorrow!"

Lillian growled silently as she walked up the staircase to the girls common room.

She just stared at the window, where it was slowly getting darker and darker.

She closed her eyes, suddenly understanding Marks hatred for the Slytherins, and now she wasn't particulary fond of them either.

In the morning, she walked slowly to the dining hall, ignoring everyone, except Mark, who was a bit annoyed.


She looked up, and saw a kid running up to them, she noticed it was a Slytherin, and she got defensive, glaring at him.

"Oh... Um, Mark, I think Lillian is angry!" The kid looked at Lillian with worry.

"Oh! Lillian, I would like you to meet Scott, he's a good friend!" Mark laughed, looking at Lillians defensive face.

"Seriously, Lily, calm down, he was very angry with the Slytherin that almost blasted you off your broom!" Mark looked at her.

Scott nodded, "Yeah, I gave him something to think about! It was the bogey curse! He's going to be sick for days, I could teach you it if you want!" He said with friendliness.

Lillian relaxed, "Really? Well, maybe later!" She said with cautiousness.

Scott laughed, "All right, maybe this weekend!"

"Sure!" She laughed also, glad that there were some nice Slytherins in Hogwarts.

They walked into the great hall, sitting down at the table, and eating breakfast.

Mark looked like he was thinking about something, he jumped when Lillian poked him, "Ah! What?!" He exclaimed, staring at her.

"I think that's your owl." Lillian said, pointing to the pure white owl heading towards them.

He watched as the owl landed with the newspaper, and a letter.

"Can I see the newspaper?" Lillian asked.

"Sure..." Mark said absent mindedly, more interested in the letter.

She grabbed it while Mark read the letter, there wasn't much in the newspaper, except more sightings of death eaters, and people going missing.

Lillian put the newspaper down, glaring at the food in front of her.

"Something bugging you?" Mark had finally finished his letter, and was looking at Lillian, with a book in his hands.

"Oh... No! Just thinking about stuff, like all the death eater sightings, and everyone going missing." Lillian said quietly, handing Mark the newspaper.

As he read, he seemed to be getting more distressed as he read, "Um, are you sure you read the whole thing Lillian?"

Lillian took back the nespaper, and studied it more carefully, and she looked at a picture, it seemed to be a necklace of some sort.

"Apparently it was a very magical object, they were never sure what type of magic, apparently, it was taken out of a high security vault from a wizard on official business, and the vault was broken into a couple days later!" Mark said, looking at it more closely. "It looks like some type of stone, too bad the newspapers are in black and white, I can't tell what it is!"

"It's an emerald," A voice said behind them, "You can tell by the shape, and the cutting of it."

Mark muttered, "Oh! Thanks!"

"No problem, can you turn around please?" The voice asked, sounding familiar, and annoyed.

Mark turned around while Lillian looked at the necklace more closely, Mark poked Lillian and she grunted, "What?"

She turned around, not paying attention. "Emerald eh? I'm going to have to look around for that type of-" She looked at the person.

"About time, You seemed a bit too focused on that necklace." He laughed.

"Connor." Lillian just stared, "Are you all right?" She asked.

"Fine." Connor shrugged, "Madam Foster fixed me up faster than you could say-"

"Broomstick!" Mark finished his brother's sentence, as usual. They may have been very different people, but like Cameron and Allen, they had a knack for thinking the same thoughts.

Lillian sighed, glad that Connor was all right, and she asked, "So... An emerald, what magical properties do emeralds have?"

"I don't know..." Connor said quietly, "All I know is that we are going to be late if we don't hurry."

Mark and Lillian jumped up, Lillian quickly grabbed her stuff, and they hurried down.

They walked in slowly though, and sat down in their desks, watching for Professor Fall.

Soon, a bunch of Slytherins walked in, including Scott, who hurried toward them and said in a hushed whisper, "You guys better be careful, I think something is bugging the teachers, and if it's bugging them, it's going to bug us pretty soon."

Connor nodded. "What could be bothering them though?" He asked.

Scott pulled out a picture. "This." He showed it to them, and it was the same necklace in the newspaper.

"Where did you get that?" Lillian asked, shocked that he got a picture of the actual object.

"My fathers in the ministry, he gabs a lot, he gabbed about a magical emerald necklace, and I think it's in here, at Hogwarts, right now!" Scott said quickly and quietly.

"Where could it be though....?" Lillian faltered, her thoughts wandering.

"Isn't it obvious?" Scott asked, looking at them all with frustrated eyes.

They all looked at each-other, then shook their heads slowly.

"The forbidden dungeon, I think they have that place guarded up pretty tight!" He smiled at Mark, "Mark wanted to explore that dungeon a little bit furthur." He said with mischief.

Connor and Lillian looked at each-other doubtfully.

"I don't think that's safe, me and Connor know what's down there." Lillian muttered quietly.

Scott looked at them, then sighed, "How about near the end of term? Whatever is after it is not going to wait long, and I don't want whatever is after it getting it, in case they are death eaters!"

"Fine, summer after the final exams, near the end, we meet in front of the door," Lillian growled with annoyance, "Oh, and I'd bring happy memories with you."

Scott looked at her confused, and shrugged as he turned to Professor Fall, who had begun her lesson on Forgetfulness potions.

As Lillian added two valerian sprigs, she realised that it had suddenly went quiet at all the tables, and she asked Mark quietly, "What do we do next?"

"I forgot." He growled flatly, waving his wand absent-mindedly.

When class ended, they hurried out, not wanting to be asked any questions, they followed Scott, who looked determined.

"I think we should explore the Forbidden forest though, tonight, I heard they were centaurs, maybe they'll know about the necklace!" Scott said, turning to them, "Tonight, can we meet by the hut? Try not to be followed!" He hurried off.

Lillian said, "I have a bad feeling..."

"About what?" Connor asked.

"The forest, people have told me there was were-wolves in there!" She shuddered, she had met a were-wolf face to face though.

Connor seemed concerned, while Mark dismissed it and asked with a laugh, "What could possibly happen in there?"


As Lillian, Connor, and Mark headed down the spiral staircase, they avoided any and all teachers, and ignored curious gazed students.

Soon they were out in the grounds, following the path down that was lit by the full moon.

They heard a howl coming from the forest, but ignored it.

They ran into Scott, who was wandering around the entrance of the forbidden forest, and nodded happily when they came.

"Lumos..." He said quietly, leading the way into the forest.

They jumped when they heard a twig cracking, they froze as more cracking came toward them, and suddenly stopped.

They huddled close together, and continued on, hoping to find a centaur soon.

Lillian froze and whispered, "Do you hear that!?" She held onto Connors cloak, staring into the darkness with terrified eyes.

Scott pointed his wand at the bushes, looking confused, and horrified when a black cloaked figure slid out of the bushes.

They held their breath, holding their wands out, and the person rushed forward.

"Flipendo Tria!" Lillian yelled the first spell that came to mind, and the black cloaked person got knocked back at least 16 feet.

The person grunted, standing up slowly, but he froze when there was a loud howl.

They gasped when a large, wolf-like creature, jumped over them, and slashed the figure away.

The figure growled in pain, and flew off, supposedly on a broom.

They looked at the wolf with scared eyes, and backed up slowly as it turned to look at them.

It whimpered something, and sat down, looking around the forest, and it looked at them again with a wondering gaze.

"I wish we could find a centaur, so far, we have found a person, and a werewolf, where are the centaurs?!" Scott exclaimed in frustration.

The were-wolf tipped it's head, then howled.

It stood up, bowing, then it ran off.

They all jumped when a horse-like creature padded out, and it looked at them with confused eyes, "Eh? Students?"

"Oh! We were looking for centaurs!" Scott piped up, and he showed the picture of the necklace, "Do you know what that is?"

The centaur looked confused, than nodded. "Yeah, it's an emerald, the stone of January." He said quietly, "Why?"

"Well, someones trying to get it!" Scott answered.

"Why? It contains powerful magic..." The centaur pondered, "You better get out of here, it's dangerous out here!" He handed the picture back, and pointed them back out of the forbidden forest.

As they walked up to the castle, Scott looked thoughtful.

"All right, we have to wait for summer then!" He piped out after minutes of silence, "We can get the necklace, and find somewhere else to protect it!"

Lillian just thought, as they entered the castle, they went their seperate ways.

As they headed up the stiars, they saw a couple of students surrounded by the portrait hole, their eyes wide, and they were whispering.

As they looked closely, they realised that the door was almost off it's hinges, and the fat lady was gone.

Cameron whispered beside Lillian, "Looks like someone tried to blast their way through the common room!" He laughed, "Surprising.."

A prefect pushed them out of the way, Lillian moved to the side, watching as the prefect and some teachers, including Professor Snow, looked inside.

Professor Snow walked back out, looking confused to Professor Flake, who didn't seem really fazed.

"Professors, I think it will be best if we move all the students into the great hall, and find a replacement for the fat lady." Professor Flake said calmly, whisking away.

Professor Snow and the prefect just stood there confused, then Professor Snow said quickly, "Well, you heard her, be careful going down to the great hall, and wait for the other students to get there." He told some students to back up, and he transformed into a dog, walking down the staircases.

The students started following him slowly and quietly, as they entered the great hall, the Slytherins were already there, including Scott, who walked up to them quickly.

"Hey! This is kind of coincidence, just as we went to the forbidden forest and all, is what I mean," he whispered, and looked at Mark. "What happened?"

"Someone tried to blast their way through the portrait hole, and whatever was left in there confused Professor Snow a great deal!" Mark told him.

Lillian thought slowly, I feel like I'm forgetting something... I think it was a book... Or something...' She jumped when she realised what was missing.

She pushed Connor our of her way, who looked at her with surprise.

She ran out of the great hall, hoping not to run into patrolling teachers, but she did get the feeling she was being followed.

"Hey! Wait!" Connor yelled after her, "What are you doing!?" he finally caught up to her.

"There was a book! I need it!" She growled, continuing to run.

"Isn't that kind of stupid, I mean, someone could still be there, waiting!" he said quickly.

Lillian stopped. "My aunt sent me a book, it was on all sorts of magical objects, I have to get it, because I feel like it will help us figure out why whoever is trying to get that necklace wants it so bad!" She said, and walked to the common room.

Connor said quietly, "But, think about it, you shouldn't go alone.."

"Then come with me!" Lillian grunted, continuing on her way.

They continued in silence, Lillian walked into the common room, going immediately to the girls room, with Connor following nervously.

She rummaged through her stuff, everything was there, except her book.

"Ack!" Lillian growled in frustration, the book was not there, but there was a strange smell, whatever it was, it was making her really sick.

"Connor..." She murmured, looking around the room, she felt like this should be familiar, but it wasn't, or it was, she just couldn't think about it.

She stood up, and backed out of the room, because it was familiar, and she murmured, "Try not to breath in, whoever was in here left a poison candle!" She and Connor left quickly, standing outside the common room, trying not to be sick.

"Ugh, if this is how Mark felt after getting the full thing, I don't want to ever meet a poison candle!" Lillian exclaimed.

Connor was looking around, he murmured, "Something isn't right.."

Lillian wasn't sure what he was talking about, but when she did, it was too late.

Chapter 5Edit

Lily whipped around when it got cold and dark, she looked around frantically, looking around for Connor in the darkness.

She asked in fright, "What's going on?" as she searched for Connor, and finally realised that she was already grabbing his cloak.

"Shh..." She heard Connor whisper beside her. Obviously not knowing what was going on either. "Just keep your wand out, this isn't normal darkness."

Lillian heard a weird noise, and she stepped close to Connor, afraid of what was floating in the darkness.

Lily heard him say, "Do the spell."

"What?" She asked, even though she knew what he was talking about.

"You know what I'm talking about," he whispered, "Just do it."

She pointed her wand at the darkness, and she started getting unsure, "I'm not sure this is going to work, Connor..." She said quietly.

"You've done it twice, I think you can do it again." He muttered.

She nodded, and knew that she didn't have much time before whatever was in the darkness was upon them.

She said weakly, "Expecto Patronum..." She was surprised when nothing came out, not even a silver wisp.

"Lily, you have to say it while thinking of a happy memory, not being scared to death." He whispered, and she was shocked he called her Lily, he usually called her by her full name.

Lillian nodded, and said very clearly, "Expecto Patronum!" The dog bounded out of the wand, just standing there with a confused look on it's face.

"But... That doesn't make sense..." Lillian whispered.

She then felt her being pulled away, and next thing she knew there was a black hooded creature bearing down on her and Connor.

"Ack!" She exclaimed, and soon her patronus whipped around, and attacked the dementor.

Connor growled in shock, "What's that thing doing out here, I thought it was locked in the dungeons!" As he pulled Lillian away from the Dementor.

"It was, someone let it out." She whispered, watching the dementor.

Connor said quietly, "Well, if that's the case. then this is bad. But it seems that this demontor is failing to sense us."

Lillian stayed silent, not sure what to do as the dementor searched for them.

Connor asked quietly, "Should we sneak away while it's confused?"

Lillian nodded, slowly standing up, and trying her best not to alert it of their area, was becoming hard, as it was obvious it sensed them, because it looked in their direction.

They froze, but they saw the dementor float back around, and look around.

Lily nodded, and hurried away, but her luck had ran out, she fell off the last step, the vanishing step.

"Ack!" She exclaimed, a sharp pain in her ankle, and she held her mouth, turning around slowly to see if the dementor heard it, even though it was startled, it thought nothing of it.

"Connor...." She whispered in a strained voice, "Connor.."

Connor looked at her slowly, then looked at her with a confused look.

"I... Fell," Lillian whispered, "Can you help me up?"

Lillian got into a sitting position, she thought. I must have strained my ankle again, brilliant...

As Connor helped her up, there was a smash, Lillian jumped, which made her flinch in pain, "Who's making all the noise?"

Connor shrugged as he held her up, and said quietly, "The dementors pretty interested in it though." He nodded to the dementor, who drifted towards the noise.

"Do you think we should stop it?" Lillian asked.

Connor shook his head. "No, but we should tell a teacher." He muttered.

"Oh, yes, then they'll ask us what we are doing on the stair-cases, near the common room, with a dementor about, and we'll obviously get off without being suspected." Lillian growled, "Also, maybe we should tell your brother too, because you know how he gets when he's left in the dark."

Connor was silent, then said flatly, "Point taken."

Lily just sighed, staring at where the dementor was, and she finally said, "We should get back to the great hall, we should really at least tell your brother."

Connor just nodded, and they both hurried away.

As they went back to the great hall, Mark had ran into them, making Lillian flinch in pain.

"Whoops! Sorry, Lily, are you two okay?" He asked, looking at them both.

Lillian said quietly, "We ran into a dementor when we walked out of the common room." She shook her head, standing up fully.

Marks eyes widened, "Ouch, what was it doing? Weren't they locked in deep dungeons though?" He asked, and looked at Connor.

Connor nodded, "It was, and is supposed to be." He said quietly.

Mark said, "We should tell Scott, he'd be interested in this." He started heading back to the great hall.

Lillian asked, "Is that the best idea, Mark?" She stopped him.

He turned, "Sure, he won't tell anyone!" He said, hurrying away, leaving Lily and Connor to catch up to him.

As they rested in the Great hall, teachers left and came in, repeatedly, with worried looks on their faces, sometimes even murmuring to themselves.

Professor Snow was talking to Professor Frost, who was looking on calmly. Professor Frost just waved off at whatever Professor Snow said, and walked off.

Professor Snow shook his head, and walked out also, following her, his wand out.

Mark and Lillian looked at each-other. Scott came over to them, and asked quietly, "What's going on? What happened?" He looked around warily.

"First, the dementor escaped the dungeon, second, Lilys book went missing, and apparently it had something in it about the emerald necklace." Mark said.

Lillian whispered in a joking away, "That should be switched, we couldn't find my book first, and we met the dementor second."

"Whatever." Mark grunted, and he looked at a picture.

Lillian sighed in exasperation, unsure on who let the dementor out, and why Professor Frost seemed so... Relaxed about it all.

She slowly started to go to sleep, where the others were talking in hushed whispers, not exactly ready to go to sleep.

She didn't dream, which was a relief, and she thought, If I had, it would probably be something dark, typical. She sniffed, still hearing whispers from the other students.

Lillian strayed back to the thought of the loose dementor, and why it was let out. As a distraction? That'd be a logical answer, if it wasn't so suspicious. She thought, falling into a deep sleep.


The next morning, when it was safe to return to the common room, and they headed back up there, Mark commented, "I don't get it, what's a demontor doing wandering the school anyways?" He stopped, then added, "What's it doing in the school?"

Connor was silent when Mark turned to him, he was just as unsure as Mark was.

"All we know is, it's here for a reason." Lillian said, looking at book, frustrated that she lost the book she got from her aunt, and she can't find anything about emeralds anywhere. She was no longer sure if they were a special magial object at all.

Connor seemed to be having the same luck, as he growled in frustration, and put down the book, proceeding to open it and close it with his wand.

"You two are making it so complicated when it doesn't need to be!" Mark laughed, opening his copy of Hogwarts: A History.

He then closed it, then rolled his eyes, and said quickly, "I'll be right back." He hurried off to the boys dormitory.

Lillian looked at Connor, who shrugged, and they both jumped when Mark came back, he waved a very huge book in front of them.

"Got to love muggles, some of them see things others cannot." Mark laughed, throwing the book to Lillian.

Lillian opened it, and was surprised, it was a book of birthstones, and she asked curiously, "What do birthstones have to do with emeralds though?"

Mark waved his wand, and it went to a page, clearly showing a very pretty green stone.

"Read that, maybe you'll get your answer then." Mark smiled, sitting back down, and re-opening his book. There was a lot of interesting stuff, like how it was prized by the ancients as a symbol of love, rebirth and eternal youth.

Um, eternal youth? Lillian thought and narrowed her eyes, and continued reading.

The emerald is said to give the ability to foretell future events. It was also thought to improve it's owners memory and eloquence, and was also said to quicken intelligence, and a measure against ills.

At the end of the page, all it said it was the birthstone of May. Lillian closed the book, and asked slowly, "Where... Did you get this Mark?"

"At a Muggle bookstore, interesting what you find in there, you'd think the muggle librarian was a witch," Mark smiled. and said quickly, "Keep it, it might be useful."

Lillian thought, So... It's magical, but it isn't? She shrugged, she never liked being confused, and the emerald sounded like a dangerous piece of magic, even when it really wasn't.

Well, the foretelling of future events, only seers can do that, so it can't be true, but the memory and eloquence? Hm. She thought some more about the gem.

"Hey, Lillian, did you finish your Charms homework?" Allen asked Lillian from where he was sitting with Cameron, looking over a piece of paper critically.

"Yeah, why?" She asked, narrowing her eyes.

Cameron asked, "Well, just wondering, also, do you know the incantation for the curse of the bogies?"

"Mucas ad Nauseam, but why-?" Lillian asked, but was stopped mid-sentence by Allen.

"Just a little project me and Cameron are working on! No big deal." Allen said quickly, putting the piece of paper in his pocket, and hurrying off.

Mark raised an eye-brow. "What do you think they are doing?" He asked.

"You know what... I don't even want to know." Lillian said, shaking her head, Cameron and Allen were the resident pranksters, if they wanted the bogey curse, then they're up to something, and she wanted to stay out of their little tricks.

"You know, if I didn't know any better, you'd think that they were trying to make skiving snackboxes." Mark laughed.

Lillian nodded. "That... Would be a reasonable explanation." She said.

Connor was still reading his book, continued to ignore the two, but he looked up, and narrowed his eyes, "If they are going to pull a prank on one of the Slytherins, then good for them."

"Ooh, I hope they do!" Mark laughed.

Lillian looked out the window, it was dark and stormy out, which was weird, since it was morning, but she thought she saw a cloaked shape rush for the entrence, as if not wanting to be late.

Connor also looked at where she was looking, and said calmly, "Probably a student stuck out in the rain."

Mark was looking around oddly, with a confused look on his face, "Hmm, maybe tommorow, since it's going to be summer soon, we should explore that dungeon." He said.

Connor and Lillian looked at him.

"What? It's true, we should get Scott, he wanted to have a look around those dungeons too, and don't tell me that you're not curious about what's down there." He said quickly, looking at them both.

Lillian looked at Connor, who had shrugged, then she looked back. "I guess you're right Mark, after all, someone was after that emerald, and it can't be anyone good." She sighed, clutching her wand in nervousness.

Mark nodded in satisfaction, and Lillian sighed. He's right, if we don't go down there, whoever was after it in the first place will. She looked at Connor, who had a thoughtful look on his face, but he also seemed doubtful, as if this wouldn't work at all.

As if Mark could tell what Connor was thinking, he said, "It'll work, Connor, you need to trust me, we will get the object before the Death Eaters will."

Connor seemed to still be debating, and then he finally said quietly, "Fine," he sighed, then looked at Mark. "But we don't know what's down there."

"We'll find out soon enough, we do know that there's dementors down there, but we have Lillian, so that's good, I guess." Mark said.

"Thanks, Mark, that makes me feel better." Lillian growled sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Sorry." Mark shrugged sheepishly.

Lillian sighed, and looked back out the window, the storm raged on, making the lake a swirling turrent, and she wondered, I wonder how the giant squid is dealing with the lake being all windy.

Lillian looked at Connor and Mark, who had grim looks on their faces, and she shook her head silently, and continued looking back out the window.


After spending a whole day in the common room, Lillian got agitated, for classes were out for a bit, because of the approaching summer holidays, exams were done, and she had barely any idea if she passed or not, what she knew was, Cameron and Allen had a good start because of their secret spell-checking quills.

"Relax, Lily, you've been pacing all morning! At least the storm is over," Mark said with glee, "I hate it when there's a nasty storm, ruins the mood," he added, "Cameron and Allen were planning a water fight with the Slytherins, which, by the way, they don't know about."

"Fun." Lillian scowled.

Connor was sitting on the couch, reading, which he was continously doing ever since the dementor escaping, Lillian wasn't sure what he was reading, but she knew better than to ask.

Mark sighed, "Well, if you change your mind, meet me, Cameron, and Allen by the stone circle, we'll be practicing on some passing Slytherins, so you might get hit by some water," He saw the expression on her face, and then he added, "But, it will be purely accidental!" He laughed nervously, heading out of the common room in a mad dash.

Connor must have been listening, because he sighed, "Slytherins aren't taken by surprise that easily."

Lillian asked him in annoyance, "What? So you want me to follow him?"

Connor shook his head. "No, let him get wet." He said, frowning.

"He probably will, but not by the Slytherins, probably by Cameron or Allen." She smiled a bit, almost imagining the shock on Marks face.

Connor said, "Them too." looking at her, then shook his head, and continued his reading.

Lillian tipped her head. "Hmm... I could go with a good soaking of the Slytherins." She smiled even more, ready to dash away.

Connor shook his head even more, and then asked curiously, "Do you know if the dementor has been locked up in the dungeons yet?"

She froze, looking back at him with horror, then she relaxed, "The teachers might have gotten in by now, there's a lot of teachers against one dementor." She laughed nervously.

Connor only nodded slowly, and muttered, "You may never know, just be careful will you? I don't want to rescue both you and Mark," he hesitated, then added, "Again."

Lillian growled, "That was just that one time!"

"Whatever, go catch up to Mark." He scowled, going back to his book.

Lillian looked at him, then sighed, dashing out of the common room, hoping to catch up with Mark.

She jumped down the last steps, heading out to the courtyard, where some students were reading, or practicing spells.

Lillian rushed past the students, the trees were in full bloom, as she crossed the wooden bridge, students walked past her, talking about their own little things.

She peeked from the entrance, looking at the stone cirle warily, and giggled when Allen peeked out from behind a rock, and waved.

She waved back, and stepped out, bracing herself for whatever was thrown at her.

Mark peeked from behind the rock also, and smiled, waving also, but his smile soon faltered, and turned into a look of worry.

Lillian looked concerned, heading to Mark, and she asked curiously, "What?"

Mark shook his head. "Nothing, just getting an odd feeling." He said.

Allen jumped over to them, diving for the spot, "Maybe you're just odd," he pointed out, and said quickly, "Oh, hey Lillian, I waved."

Lillian wasn't sure why Mark was getting an odd feeling, but she did trust it, Mark was frowning, and he said quietly, "No, no, it's more of a... Despair feeling."

Despair... Lillian thought, and asked, "Why hasn't the game started yet?"

"Because not one Slytherin has come out yet, like they have better things to do then hang around the stone circle, at which they usually do," Allen said, and he sighed, "Too bad, we planned so well for this too!"

Mark still had a frown on his face, and shook his head, "It's probably just me, and Cameron, if Scott comes, pelt him, he said he loves water, I want him to prove it." He started to smile again.

Lillian though, thought quickly, Odd feeling? A feeling of despair? Where have I heard of that before, or felt it, at least, it sounds familair.

Cameron nodded, "Woot! Scott gets to be the first victim of water pelting!" He laughed, hiding behind his rock, with a mischeivous smile on his face.

Soon enough though, Scott had indeed, walked out of the bridge, and was soon pelted with water.

"He-Hey!" He sniffed, looking around wildly.

"Hey, Scott, just thought we'd give you a fun greeting!" Cameron laughed.

Scott narrowed his eyes, and Lillian thought it would be full of playfulness, but it held the opposite, it held only seriousness.

"Very funny guys, where's Mark?" He asked, brushing himself off.

Mark said quietly, "I'm right here."

Scott shook his head. "Didn't you notice something odd about the day today?" He asked.

Mark looked up curiously, "Overcast, but what else is new? We've got storms coming, it's natural." He shrugged, then sighed.

"No... Well, yeah, but, what about the odd feeling that came with it?" He asked.

Mark nodded. "Well, yeah, but I think everyone gets odd feelings near summer holidays." He smiled, but it seemed more of a grimace than a smile.

"Well, the teachers aren't calm," Scott grimaced also, then said, "It seems that the dementor was more powerful than it looked."

Mark and Lillian got sheer looks of horror on their faces, and Lillian thought. So that's what Connor meant, even though I never thought he knew about it.

Scott frowned, "And, I think there's more than one dementor in the deep dungeons," he shook his head, "Connor went down there, we both went down there."

Lillian then went. "What?! You both went down there? Then where's Connor?" She exclaimed.

"Um." Scott only said, and looked suddenly nervous.

Lillian almost laughed, because now it seemed that Connor needed saving, neither her or Mark was in any danger.

Scott said quickly, "I can tell you on the way, but we have a very big problem." He dashed away, not waiting to see if either Lillian or Mark had followed.

Chapter 6Edit

Lillian wasn't sure what he meant by a "Big problem" but if he regarded it as a big problem, it was a really big problem.

She didn't hesitate, but she knew that Mark did, because he was trailing behind when they ran into the castle at full speed, making some students jump.

"Sorry." She muttered to a small first-year, who fell onto the floor with fright.

They didn't stop to talk, Scott seemed more hurried then ever. He rushed down the steps to the dungeon, not caring if students were watching curiously.

Scott growled, "We don't have much time, and we took a different entrance than the one you took last time." He pushed open a door, running down the hall, which, at the end, was the portrait of a young lady, who seemed disgruntled.

Scott ran up to her, and said in a rasp, "Fortunis!"

The lady narrowed her eyes. "Again!? Those dementors are going to get out if you enter here again! I can feel their presence behind my door." She sighed, looking nervous.

Scott looked at Lillian, who looked confused. "You can do the Patronus charm right?" He asked in a hurried voice, obviously concerned.

Lillian nodded, and was about to say that she couldn't do it well, but the witch interrupted her, "Woah, a first year? Able to do a Patronus charm?" She asked with disbelief.

"If you want proof! Open the ruddy door!" Scott scowled, then growled to Lillian, "Get ready Lily, I don't know how many are in there, but they are very hungry!"

The disgruntled witch sneered, then slowly started to open the door.

The first thing Lillian felt was cold and despair, and every happy feeling felt like it was sucked out of her, and she raised the wand.

When the door finally opened, she was surprised, there was no dementors behind the door.

"Um, there's no dementors behind you." She said to the witch.

The witch looked confused, "Huh, guess they got caught up with something else," she shrugged, then scowled, "Well, if you're going in, hurry up, I can't stay open forever!"

They nodded quickly, scrambling in.

When the door shut behind them, they knew there was only one way out, and that way was probably was filled with dementors.

Mark muttered, "Lumos."

Lillian looked at them both, they were shivering, their breath rising in a cold mist, and they were looking around nervously.

Scott chattered, "W-We went th-this way!" He pointed down the hall, where it was dark and foreboding.

Mark raised an eye-brow. "Well, you picked a cheerful place to go investigate." He smiled, obviously trying to lighten the mood.

Scott shrugged, trying to relax, and lead the way, with his wand out.

Lillian kept her wand out, ready to use the patronus charm.

There was a bang, and they all jumped, and Mark hissed, "What was that?" He looked at Scott fearfully, and looked at Lillian.

Lillian shrugged, and said quietly, "Just, try to be calm, and think of happy memories, don't be scared, or at least, try not to be scared, they can sense it."

Scott and Mark nodded, following closely to Lillian, who decided to take the lead.

They heard another bang, and whatever was going on, it was obviously a spell.

Mark muttered, "I hope Connor is all right."

Lillian silently agreed, but she knew Connor would be all right. He has to be all right, after all, he said he didn't want to save us. She thought with a glance around the darkness.

She hated getting wet, since the dungeon was flooded, and she shivered as a chill went down her spine.

Lillian said, "Expecto Patronum." The familiar dog came out, it's eyes grim as it looked on at her.

She growled, "Go ahead, find Connor." She nodded as the dog bounded away, shedding light all over the corrider, driving any dementors back into the darkness.

Lillian started to follow her patronus quickly, not wanting to be there when the dementors got rid of their apparent confusion, she heard them, their rattling breaths, yet they were confused.

She heard Mark squeak, and she turned, then rolled her eyes when she realised he only tripped, and he was all wet.

Mark laughed, and it was not a hollow, fear filled one, "Whoops!" He caught up to her.

But Scott lingered behind, he looked truly scared, and he shivered.

Lillian asked, "Scott? Are you all right?"

Scott hesitated, and he said, "No, I'm... Not very fond of the dark," and he shivered some more, he added, "You're going to have to continue alone, I... I cannot go farther into this darkness." He sighed.

Lillian understood, He's terrified of the dark. She thought, then said, "Go back, Scott, tell Professor Snow, maybe he can come help."

Scott nodded, and hurried down the opposite way.

Lillian looked at Mark, hoping he wasn't as scared of the dark as Scott was.

Mark shrugged, and continued, his wand holding the only light souce they had in the dark, dreary corridor.

Soon, they realised the corridor was getting wider, which couldn't be good.

They both jumped when a shape flew at them, or, fell at them, either way, they were glad it was Connor, but they were shocked he was pale-faced.

Mark must have looked like he was going to scream in terror, because Connor growled quietly, "Shh, it's only me," he looked at Lillian, "Are you all right?"

"Are you?" She asked back, worry filling her eyes, helping him up.

Connor didn't look all right, he looked shaky, and he sighed. "Yes, I'm fine, I ran into a couple dementors, let's just say that."

"How did you fight them off?" Lillian asked curiously.

"I... Well, I didn't, I fought back, but it didn't really help, then I ran down here, and ran into you." Connor smiled weakly.

Lillian heard a rattling breath, and she growled, pushing Connor aside, and growled, "Expecto Patronum!"

The dog bounded out again, charging the dementor in the darkness, it obviously knew where every dementor was, because there was more rattling breaths.

The dog growled, shielding the three from the dementors.

Connor said behind her, "By the way, we're not the only ones down here," he shook his head. "We were right, the emerald is down here, and so is a death eater."

"And that's not a good sign." Mark agreed, hurrying down the passage way.

"Wait..." Connor faltered, looking like he was going to be sick.

Lillian looked at him, "Maybe you should catch up to Scott, you don't look like you could manage another step." She said softly, keeping him up from falling over again.

Connor just looked at her, and he smiled, "Then what are you going to do if you two both get stuck?" He asked quietly.

Lillian smiled, and mocked Mark, "I'll improvise." She said, then rolled her eyes.

Connor rolled his eyes too, and shook his head. "No, I'm coming, I have a feeling Mark is going to need help," he hesitated, then added, "A lot of it."

Lillian agreed, then they hurried off, following Mark, even though sometimes Connor had to trail behind, they finally caught up to Mark.

Mark was frozen, staring at the figure, who had his own patronus keeping the dementors away, and on a stand in front of him was the emerald necklace.

"Finally, the time to rise has begun, soon, I will have the power." He hissed gleefully, not realising there was students listening to him.

Mark was silent, apparently listening to him.

As if though he could sense their presence, and he turned.

Lillian jumped, his face was hidden by a mask, a mask of a death eater.

He stayed slient, and asked curiously, "Students eh? I thought the dementors would keep you away," he seemed unsurprised, "One of you used the patronus charm?"

Lillian scowled, holding up her wand, not sure what she was thinking, and she growled, "Flipendo Tria!" A purple jet of light shot out of her wand at a fast pace.

He used a shield charm to block the spell though, and it rebounded, and she had to dodge it.

"Really? You think you can beat me with such a simple spell?" He sneered, laughing in a cruel voice, "I have to applaud you for try-" but he was cut off.

A jet of red light whizzed past her, and hit him square in the chest, and he got knocked back.

Mark had his wand out, and he was smiling, "About time he stopped talking, didn't want him to start rambling on about silly stuff." He laughed.

But, the victory was short lived, because the death-eater stood up, and growled something, and a jet of green light shot out of his wand.

"Ack!" Mark and Lillian both exclaimed, jumping out of it's way.

Connor was hiding behind one of the pillars, but he didn't seem as scared at they were, but he looked like he was trying to remember something.

"Tisk, too bad." Yhe Death-eater seemed to scowl, and he pointed at them again, now that they were on the ground, they had a disadvantage, the Death Eater looked down at them.

As he was about to say a spell, she heard, "Petrificus Totalus!"

The death-eater froze, his arms and legs locked together, and he fell onto the ground.

Mark stood up, going to the death-eater, holding his wand up, being cautious. He sneered, "Not so powerful now are you?"

Connor looked horrified though, and he snarled, "Mark, he can hear you."

Mark looked at him. "What's he going to do about it?" He asked curiously, going to the necklace, he looked at it cautiously, and held it up with his wand.

Connor murmured, "It's safe to pick up by hand."

Mark just glared at him, and picked it up, then sighed in relief.

Connor hurried up to them, and he growled, "We have to get out of here, that spell ain't powerful enough to hold him for long, not when it's from a First Year anyways!"

As they rushed toward the entracne, there was a burst of greenish light behind them.

Lillian and Mark whipped around to face Connor, who looked confused, and he turned around also.

The Death-Eater had gotton back up, but he was in a bind, green vines wrapped around his legs, causing him to fall.

Soon, Professor Snow stepped out of the darkness, and he was scowling, it scared Lillian, how angry Professor Snow looked, "I hoped never too see you again here."

The Death-Eater took his mask off, and both Mark and Lillian gasped.

It wasn't a boy, it was a girl, no wonder it sounded high-pitched.

The girl sneered, "What are you going to do? Kill me? Send me to Azkaban like you tried to do so many years ago?" She asked, getting a cruel look in her eyes.

Professor Snow had an angry look in his eyes, which scared Lillian a bit, she never saw him that angry before, and it terrified her.

The girl sneered, "You never did forget easily." She stood up fully, and her green eyes flashed.

Professor Snow snarled, and asked, "What do you want? You know you're not welcome here."

"I was a student here." She pointed out.

"You are the reason my sister is a werewolf in the first place!" His eyes suddenly got a pained look in his eyes, "I have nothing against were-wolves, but if you hadn't barged in, she might not be how she is now." He growled.

The death-eater stood up, and she growled, "Want to settle this a different way?"

Professor Snow seemed to get what he was saying, and he put his wand away, and he backed up.

Lillian, Mark, and Connor backed up also, not wanting to get caught up in this fight.

The vines unwrapped around her, and she snarled also, and soon, she was transforming into a huge wolf, with snarling fangs.

Professor Snow transformed also, his dog form looking puny next to hers.

They stared at each-other for a little bit, before the death-eater made the first move, claws outstretched.

Professor Snow didn't move, then he leaped, facing her head on.

They smashed into each-other, teeth snapping and biting, and claws clawing, and it wasn't going to be a pretty fight.

Lillian thought horrified, She's going to kill him! She ran toward them, but she felt Connor try to stop her, but she kept going, wand pointed out.

She yelled "Everte Statum!" She pointed her wand at the death-eater.

The death-eater got blasted back, and she snarled at her, her eyes blazing.

She stood in front of Professor Snow, who looked shocked.

Lillian turned to him. "I can fight my own battles." She said quietly, then turned back, and she realised the death-eater had transformed back, and she had a thoughtful look on her face.

"A duel eh? I love duels, who will be your second?" She asked carefully.

Lillian knew this was her battle, but it was also Professor Snows, she looked at him, and he nodded, sitting down, and flicked his tail.

They held out their wands, both of them narrowed their eyes, and tensed.

Mark and Connor were watching with horror.

Lillian growled, "Flipendo Tria!" The purple light shot out of her wand again, and as she expected, when the death-eater used a shield charm, it rebounded back.

The death-eater suddenly got a bored, yet confused look on her face, and she sneered, "Well, I'm sorry to cut this short but, I have more interesting business to attend to." She apparated into black smoke.

But that also meant her patronus was gone, and the dementors started to move toward them with glee at the prospect of a feelings feast.

Professor Snow transformed back, and he looked around, "There is a lot, I'm not sure even you can take them all on." He said to Lillian.

Lillian knew that she couldn't take them on alone.

She said, "Expecto Patronus!" The dog leaped out, chasing the dementors back.

Professor Snow did the same thing, except the dementors actually disappeared in fright of the patronus, all her patronus did was make them back up.

They started making their way to the entrance, both Connor and Mark hurried in front of them.

Lillian could barely hold her focus anymore, the dementors were sapping her energy, and her patronus started to dim.

"Hold it, Lillian, we need to give you time to run too." Professor Snow said quickly, as they backed up the corridor.

When they were near the entrence, Professor Snow growled, "Go, I can hold them off on my own." He somewhat pushed her with his partronus, who leaped straight back at the dementors.

She finally let go of her patronus, who smacked away one dementor before disappearing, and she hurried to Connor and Mark.

They were trying to open the door, but with no success.

"Alohamora!" Lillian pointed her wand at the lock, but she realised that it wasn't working.

Professor Snow narrowed his eyes, and whipped around, and yelled, "Alohamora!" It was obvious the spell was more powerful then theirs, and the lock opened, and they stumbled out.

Professor Snow followed after them, and closed the door sharply, locking it again.

He asked them, "Are you three all right?"

They all nodded, yet they felt a bit scared.

Professor Snow took out some chocolate, and passed it to them, and he smiled, "Eat it, it will help, trust me," he said, and added, "By the way, tommorrow you get to go home, have a nice summer you three, remember some defensive spells, toss some gnomes." He got the playful glint back in his eyes, and he walked off.

Mark couldn't help but laugh, and he brought the emerald necklace out, and he asked, "What do we do with it?"

Lillian said, "We can put it in my fault, there's high security."

Mark passed the emerald to her, and she nodded, and said to them, "There's an after-school feast."

Mark widened his eyes, "Oh, Yum! I hope they have Yorkshire pudding!" He ran up the stairs, leaving Connor and Lillian alone.

Connor just smiled at Lillian, and ran up after his brother.

Lillian smiled weakly, eating her piece of the chocolate, feeling better instantly, and she continued to stare at the door.

She then shook her head, running to catch up with Connor and Mark, knowing that Mark wanted to eat, that's all he did after something interesting happens.


Lillian was standing on the platform, shaking her head when Mark and Connor were fighting over something really silly, she sat down, and told them to be quiet.

They stared at her, and Mark proceeded to look out the window.

Connor asked, "What are you going to do Lillian? Your house is... Well..." He faltered, also looking out the window.

Lillian shrugged, "I don't know..." She sighed.

Mark said, "Our mum will let her stay." He said to Connor pointedly, and when they felt the train stop, they leaped off the train, running to their mum, who hugged them both.

Lillian held back, but when she saw Matt waving from behind Mrs. O'Hara, she ran up to who, also hugging Matt.

Lillian looked at Mrs.O'Hara, who nodded, and said quietly, "You are free to stay with us Lillian, you and your brother."

Lillian nodded, "Thank you, Mrs.O'Hara." She said.

She knew that this was only one year of more, and knowing Hogwarts, nothing was normal.