This is written by Mistysun, and is about Ginny's feelings when she and Harry have their break-up thing in The Deathly Hallows. Enjoy:

Ginny's Poem:Edit

They stream down my cheeks
as I watch him leave.

I lift my arm to wave,
my it just hangs there,
stiff and imoblie.

A smile,
so small,
yet it warms my body.
But it will not give me hope.

Will I ever see him again?
Will this be the end?
It would be a simple death.
A flash of green light,
and then he would be gone.
despite everything.

Our eyes stare down at eachother.
When will there be a clear answer?
Doesn't he understand?
He means so much to me,
more than anything in the world.

The last touch,
a small laugh,
a smile.
It all seems years away
from now.

Sunny days,
a walk around the grounds
of hogwarts.
Everything was okay.
Okay is not today.
Today is not okay.

The end. Sorry it was so completly suckish....

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