Founded on July 1 2010 by SmudgyHollz, Harry Potter Fanfic Wiki was made so that Harry Potter fans everywhere could create their own fiction and share them here. There are currently 254 articles, but for ages now, our aim is to hit 250 articles and request a Spotlight. Please help us reach our goal by creating your very own story! Just simply type the title of your page into the box and click create!

How Can I Help Out?'Edit

First of all, it's probably best if you create an account and log in. Anonymus users are as welcome as anybody here, but if you register an account, not only will your IP address be hidden, but it gives other a name to associate you with. Please note that it is probably a good idea if you make up a username instead of using your real name.

Secondly, you can have a look around, and if you see anything that needs to be changed - change it! If, on any page, you see any bad grammer, spelling, punctuation, coding errors or anything of the sort, hit the edit button at the top of the page, and fix it. Help this wiki be free of any mistakes!

Thirdly, create your own story! Anything is welcome on Harry Potter Fanfic Wiki. There is already a range of different fanfics, from Abby's Letter to Lenny the Dragon, and you could make the selection even greater with your own unique style.

At any point, if you find you have some spare time on your hands, you could always help out with the housekeeping. There are truck loads of articles that need sorting so if you could, look at some of these pages - Recent Changes needs to be checked regualarly to make sure there is no vandalism going on, Uncategorized Pages needs to be looked at so that everything on here is sorted and placed where it is supposed to be places and Uncategorized Pages needs looking at for the same reason as the Uncategorized Pages.

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