Harry Potter Fanfic Wiki:Improvement Team/Requests to Join, is, as the name suggests, a page on which you can request to join the Improvement Team. The Improvement Team, as I am sure you have already heard, are groups of users working on making this wiki better. There are people working on the skins and people working on story logo creation all to attract new contributors and make Harry Potter Fanfic Wiki a better working space.

Anyway, instead of having any old requests page, where there would be a lists of willy-nilly requests as a result, we are going to follow the same lines as the ideas page. Add your requests on the talk page, but first follow my instructions on how to do so.


This is how to submit your request, so read carefully!!

Story Improvement Team (example)Edit


Username: GhostlyCow (example)

Reason: With my Ghostly Cow specialities I could help the Story Improvement team in a way that no other users can. I am gifted with the powers of good spelling and proper punctuation. My head is crammed full of story ideas.

After you have added that to the talk page, you wait. Within five days, a small course or questions should be added under your username on the talk page. You will have to answer them, getting at least half of them right, before you are able to join a Team.

PLEASE NOTE: If the questions do not appear within five days then you have my permission to pester me!


- SmudgyHollz

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