Hazel Potter
Biographical Information
Born: unknown
Blood Status: unknown
Phyisical Information
Species: witch
Gender: female
Hair Colour: strawberry blonde
Eye Colour: hazel
Family Information
Family Members: Harry Potter

Amelia Evans

Magical Characteristics
Wand: unknown
Patronus: unknown
Boggart: unknown
Occupation: unknown
House: unknown
Loyalty: unknown
Live Appearances: TBA
Dead Appearances: none
Hazel Potter is the daughter of Harry Potter and Amelia Evans. Not much is known about her, considering the only people who know of her ecistance are her parents. She is cute, small and shy.

She was born to Amelia Evans to an unknown father, later revealed to be Harry. She was then kidnapped by Voldemort, and raised as his daughter.

She lost her memory on her 11th birthday, waking up knowning nothing on the train to Hogwarts,