Dear Fred,

It was hard, losing you like that. The battle took its toll on the wizarding world and you were one of the tokens. We were so close, you were like another part of me... When I had to let that part go, I lost it.

You are were are the perfect comedian; funny, smart, and had a relatable charm. Everybody loved us because we brightened up a room. Granted, sometimes you took things farther than I would've. People always described me as the softer one. I always set it off as a load of rubbish. I mean, we were both equally mischievious. Weren't we?

Then, there's Angelina. Angelina Johnson. She's beautiful, isn't she? I remember when you asked her out to the Yule Ball... How long were you two together? Well, she's almost as grief-stricken as our family and I. She's quite a looker, and she's smart and determined. You've got good taste.

Sometimes, I wonder why I write you these letters. You won't respond, you never will. Yet, somehow I still find myself sitting here and using parchment and ink, writing to a deceased brother. Maybe it gives me hope, that one day you'll respond. Maybe it just makes me feel that you're still here with me, or that I have still have some kind of connection with you.

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