hPrologue (2001) Edit

 The woman was hiding, while her house, and the shop that was below it,was destroyed. It wasn't Aries Black's fault- her husband, Capricorn Black, and her father-in-law, Alphard, had just been subjected to the killing curse, and it was now up to Aries to save her one year old son, James.  

I should have listened to Cho, she thought bitterly, remembering how the young woman had warned Aries and Capricorn that Capricorn, being a 'traitor' to the name of Salazaar Slytherin, would be in danger from the Dark One, therefore they should leave Diagon Alley for a more 'remote' home.

 Suddenly, baby James was aroused from his sleep by a perticularly loud explosion, and let out a wail.

 Then the noise stopped, but only for a moment. "REDUCTO!" a voice yelled,  and the door to the spare room that Aries and James were hiding in explode, pieces of the door raining down on Aries as she shielded her son from the force of the debris. Then a dark figure entered the room.

 No one had ever seen the Dark One's face, and this encounter was no exception. The person was clothed completely in black , hooded robes, wearing a mask similar to the kind that was worn by the Death Eaters servants of the Dark Lord, He Who Must Not Be Named- Voldemort.

 "Ah, Aries, I see that you have been... blessed with a child. So unfortunate that you and his father made the mistake of becoming aurors, and winning a duel against me," the Dark One said. It was true. Aries and Capricorn were targeted as powerful aurors, so the Dark One had apparently decided to try and have them murdered, by way of Blaise Zabini and Daphne Greengrass, both of whom had been defeated, tried, and imprisoned. Eventually, the Dark One itself came to murder them-and, though very narrowly, failed.

 The Dark One's wand was pointed at Aries' face, and even though she had her wand in hand, Aries felt as if the second that she looked into the eyeholes of the Dark One's mask, she was being hypnotized.

 "Avada-" before the Dark One could finish, a noise caused its head to whip around in surprise. Aurors!

 With the Dark One distracted, the trance broke, and Aries saw her chance. Gripping her wand, she pointed it at the Dark Ones' chest


 And the Dark One imploded.

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