Kelsey Fisher is a half-blood witch.


Kelsey is a very pretty girl with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles and is 5'3".
Kelsey Fisher 3

Kelsey Fisher- She's holding a wand, but you can't really see it.


Kelsey is kind, caring, friendly, brave, smart, trustworthy and at times sarcastic.


She is the oldest of six children. Her parents are both Aurors. Her mother is a pure-blood witch who was in Gryffindor. Her father is a Muggle-born wizard who was in Ravenclaw.

The Fisher Family:

Henry and Melinda Fisher- Kelsey's parents

Kelsey Fisher

Jason Fisher- Kelsey's brother- one year younger

Mona and Maura Fisher- twins- three years younger than Kelsey

Damon Fisher- five years younger than Kelsey

Lucas Fisher- youngest child int the family- six years younger than Kelsey