Letters To Wendy is about a girl who is fourteen and has a true calling, she is a wizard. She doesn't know but Tom, another wizard, also the person who writes these letters knows her secret, and is helping her find it out my these letters.

Dear Wendy,

My friend, I am glad to welcome you to France, though I can't because I am away in America. You will see my house at 1800 Main Street, it's near that italian place so you can't miss it. I have brooms, your mother told me you had a nice feeling to use them? Well luckily my place is dirty enough for you to use them, just joking. But I do have a nice selection of brooms, you should look at them.

Wendy, would you mind feeding my dog for me? His name is Timmother, it's a very odd name, but a lot of English people do have odd names, well besides yours. I saw a nice school up town, you should see it. Though it's very odd, just like my dog. But maybe you should just stick to my house for awhile, the bed is made and the secret key is behind the plant by the door.


Dear Tom,

Thanks for the note! I'm sure I'm going to look at all those brooms, yet I can't find the school. Eh, it's ok though. Luckily the secret key was still there so I got in easily, your house is nice. The grey bed covers, your sweet dog, and all the other cool stuff. I can't find this stuff where I lived, but since Im going off the high school Im blessed to have a friend like you.

Anyways, I saw some wands in your closet, weird wands, I was wondering have you ever studied magic tricks? Because with those wands I bet a million things could happen!


Dear Wendy,

The school is a bit hard to find, you have to know how to find it. Im happy you enjoy living at my house for awhile, America is fine too, if you like all the noise of New York. Since Im a Junior of High School and you are a Freshman it's easy to say high school is easy. You'll love it there, just watch out for owls.

Also, those wands, you could say I was a magician. Or you could say something else, but those wands, are expensive, so try not to break any or touch any, but only if you need to. Well I'll just be waiting for a message back.


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