Celia MerricksonEdit

Celia is a tall, red-haired, troubled girl who spends most of her time writing and sending letters to Elody Layton. She wasn't accepted into Hogwarts until her seventh year, which led to her embarrassment, but, indirectly, success. She passed her N.E.W.T's with various A's, E's, and O's, and is proud to be a witch. She maintains a close relationship with her sister, Ava Merrickson, though Ava knows nothing about Celia's correspondance with Elody. Celia has two dogs, Nyxie and Sheyanne. Ava is six years older than Celia, who, at the time of the story, is fifteen, thus making Ava twenty-one.

Her sister is Ava Merrickson.

Ava MerricksonEdit

Ava has curly dark hair and gold eyes that "sparkle even when she's angry or upset". Ava isn't mentioned much in the story, but is evidently quite close to her sister, Celia. The two both live in the same house in London (despite frequent allusions that Ava has moved out of the house), and share a bedroom. They both have two dogs, as well, Nyxie and Sheyanne. Ava is six years older than Celia, so at the time of the story she is twenty-one.

Elody LaytonEdit

Elody is never mentioned having a description, though the author can verify that she is a dark-heared girl with dark eyes. She suffered a dementor attack, and is a Muggle. Because the dementor Kissed her, she remains in the hospital - soulless and mostly unresponsive.

However, everytime her mother, Maureen Layton, reads her a letter, she twitches, jerks, mumbles, or attempts to speak. Each new letter sparks the old personality inside Elody.

Maureen LaytonEdit

Maureen is only mentioned as far as the woman taking care of Elody. Not much else is said about her.

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