• Official Story:Maiya’s body shape looked gloomy. She stared out the window and watched the sunset. Tomorrow would have to be a better day.

  • Wol, her owl, stared at her from his cage with his sweet little eyes.

“Oh dear… Wol, you don’t think Emerald Evil is going to head towards Hogwarts… do you?” she whispered.

“Nah, but if he does, I’ve got a ton of new spells to mess with him. Like this electric shock spell I made - Colliso Electricus.” Emma said as she walked in.

“You’ve got to stop worrying! Madame Montgomery and her students are pros at this stuff, and we are too. I mean, have you seen Casey turn water into fire? Emerald doesn’t stand a chance. C’mon, let’s head to bed.” Emma continued.

Maiya smiled and kissed Wol goodnight and sent him off to the owlery. Casey Sims walked in a couple of minutes later. She was staying in the Ravenclaw dorm because Madame Montgomery's Magical School for Mischievous Magic Makers, otherwise known as "M" Academy, from Ireland, was taking refuge at Hogwarts to escape Emerald Evil - the warlock that made green, healthy things, dead and evil.

As Maiya drifted off, she wondered what would happen tomorrow… and it soon she found out.

Hogwarts woke to the defining roar of a beast, with half of the walls on fire. Maiya was the tiniest bit pleased to see her school enemy, Rose Armstrong, running around screaming at the top of her lungs, her cronies copying her every move.

Flames entered through the windows, the great hall was on fire, and everyone was brandishing wands, uttering spells, and running around.

And then Maiya saw why.

A huge, gigantic silver dragon stood in the great hall, with Emerald Evil, dressed in a sickly green that faded to brown, riding on him.

“Colliso Electricus!” Emma yelled, pointing her wand at the dragon. It froze for a second, then shook it off and blew flames in Emma’s direction.

Casey heard Emma scream, and immediately mumbled a spell and changed the fire to water.

“Petrificus totalus!” Yelled Carol MacDonald, a Gryfinndor who was Maiya’s good friend. She aimed it at the head, and the dragon could no longer breathe fire - for a bit.


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First draft consisted of no Madame Montgomery's school and Maiya was a first year.

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