Melissa Liu
Biographical Information
Born: May 16th, 2026
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Phyisical Information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Family Information
Family Members: Jennifer Liu (mother), Matthew Chen (father)
Magical Characteristics
Wand: Dogwood with unicorn hair, 9 1/4 inches
Patronus: Unicorn
Boggart: Bats
Occupation: Student
House: Ravenclaw
Loyalty: Hogwarts
Live Appearances: Title TBD
Dead Appearances: None


Melissa stands at a height of 5'3". She has slightly curly black hair, almond-shaped eyes, and tanned skin.


Melissa's parents are both teachers. Her mother is a math teacher, while her father is a science teacher. They were both shocked when Melissa received her Hogwarts acceptance letter. In fact, it took a lot just to convince them that magic exists. Even after they realized that magic is real, they didn't want to send Melissa to Hogwarts, believing that she would be learning "a load of rubbish." However, they eventually relented. much to Melissa's delight.


All else being equal, Melissa enjoys being in charge. She sees problems clearly and delegates easily, works hard and plays with zest. She bears strong allegiance to rights of seniority. She willingly provides service, and expect the same from others.

Melissa is easily wounded. And when wounded, her emotions will not be contained. She by nature "wears her heart on her sleeves," often exuding warmth and bonhomie, but not infrequently boiling over with the vexation of their souls.

Melissa's sense of right and wrong wrestles with an overwhelming rescuing, 'mothering' drive. This sometimes results in swift, immediate action taken upon a transgressor, followed by stern reprimand; ultimately, however, the prodigal is wrested from the gallows of their folly, just as the noose tightens and all hope is lost, by the very executioner!

When a decision must be made, especially one involving the risk of conflict (which is abhorrent to her), there ensues an in-house wrestling match between the aforementioned black-and-white Values and the Nemesis of Discord. The contender pits self against self, once firmly deciding with the Right, then switching to Prudence to forestall hostilities, countered by unswerving Values, ad exhaustium, winner take all.

Melissa senses danger all around--germs within, the elements without, unscrupulous malefactors, insidious character flaws. The world is a dangerous place, not to be trusted. Not that the she is paranoid; 'hyper-vigilant' would be more precise.

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Known FamilyEdit

  • Jennifer Liu (mother)
  • Matthew Chen (father)

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Her name, Melissa, means "honey bee." Ironically, she's scared of bees. Her surname, Liu, which means "flowing."