River Young
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Biographical Information
Born: 16 March, 1998
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Phyisical Information
Species: Squib
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Gold
Eye Colour: Blue
Family Information
Family Members: Ellie Young (mother)

Brandon Young (father) †

Magical Characteristics
Wand: Beech, Phoenix Feather core, 12 3/4 inches
Patronus: Swan
Boggart: Herself (as a Squib)
Occupation: N/A
House: N/A
Loyalty: Young Family
Live Appearances: Enchanted
Dead Appearances: None
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River Alice Young was born 16th March 1998 to two wizards, Ellie and Brandon Young. Despite her wizarding heritage, she realized that she had no magical powers whatsoever by the time she turned eight, and was thoroughly distraught about it. When she was eight and a half, her father was killed by a Dark wizard, and Ellie and River moved to Scotland, away from their home in rural London. River blames herself for the death of her father, for she is confident that he picked a fight with the Dark wizard out of shame because his only daughter was a Squib.


Early LifeEdit

When River was a young child, she was very excited to go to Hogwarts, and couldn't wait to get her letter. Her parents, both being pure-blood wizards, were amused at this, but were unworried when none of River's magical abilities began to show.

River grew up in a small cottage in the middle of a valley outside of London, where Ellie and Brandon could practice their magic without being seen by Muggles. River would often tag along behind them when they practiced, charming plants or Transfiguring animals.

At eight years old, River had still not developed her magic abilties. Half a year later, her father died, and River was shocked, a feeling she did not seem to share with her mother. Ellie had become aloof, and after her husband's death, promptly packed up with her daughter and moved to Scotland. River became moody and withdrawn, and her mother became the same. The two did not have a very good bond afterwards.


As a young child, River was very curious, bright, intelligent, and eager for everything. She bounced about after her parents, and could always deal with demeaning situations. She was very tolerant as well.

After her father died and after she and her mother moved, River became withdrawn, aloof, and sometimes moody. She seemed often angry and upset, though she would never tell anyone what was wrong with her. She was prone to scream in frustrating situations, and would yell at her mother, who yelled right back.

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