Genre: Action, romance, drama, horror

Author: Arti

Blurb: Say Voldemort had won the war over Hogwarts. He now rules England. Both Muggle and Wizard's world. A new school is created, called Cindlewick Academy and a new standard for learning is set....

Now meet Leon Cindlewick. He's never known his father, never met him. Raised by his mother and grandparents, Leon never knows about the Academy sharing his name. Until a very magical birthday....

Now, watch as Leon journeys through school, makes friends and enimies, struggles to learn about his past and family, and in the end, sets out to do what Harry Potter failed to do 11 years ago....

Books Edit

First Arc: Dawn of a New Day Edit

10 TBA

Second Arc: Like Father Like Son Edit

10 TBA

Third Arc: TBA Edit

10 TBA