Harry Potter is dead. He died when Voldemort killed him and his parents. Neville Longbottom is dead. No one is too save the world, except for two goofy twins, the Weasley twins to be exact. They have heard of a dragon in Hogsmeade and during their trip to Hogsmeade...they meet it.

Chapter OneEdit

It was Fred and George Weasley's third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They hopped aboard the Hogwarts Express and looked out the window. They waved a good bye to their mom, dad, and sister. "Ah-another year at Hogwarts," Fred sighed.

"Yeah, another time to send Ginny a Hogwarts toilet seat," George said, kicking his feet up on the seat across from him (on Fred's leg).

"Yeah," said Fred, looking down at the Daily Prophet. On the front page something caught George's was an important thing, that may happen to them really soon...

"There's a sale at Honeydukes!" George exclaimed happily.

"I know! I'm so getting some Fudge Flies, Pumpkin Pasties, Pumpkin Juice, Chocolate Frogs, and-"

"Hold on, I don't want to be broke!" George reached in his pocket and pulled out 4 galleons. "You listed, 4 things! I'll be bro-!"

"-ke," Fred finished. "I know, I have 2 galleons so if we combine it-"

"That's..." George started counting his fingers, "8 Galleons! Hurray!"

"More like 6," a voice came from the doorway. Turning their heads, the twins came to see a girl, a first year girl, already wearing her robes. "Have you seen a rat? A boy named, Ronald, as lost him."

"Ron," Fred and George said toghether. George winked at Fred, knowing their pranking ways, Fred looked at the girl.

"Yes, in fact, I saw him scurrying all the way off the train...poor little thing was hit by the train..."

"Aw-Ronald will be so upset. Oh well, its the circle of life! Oh well-too da loo!" the girl waved and walked out of the doorway.

"What's Ron going to say?" George asked Fred.

"Don't know...probably scream and freak the freak out. Oh well, like she said, its the circle of lif-"

A scream came from the other side of the train. "SCABBERS!"

"Ron," Fred and George said again. Fred picked up the paper again, this time reading the article about the Honeyduke's sale.

On the other side of the comic's (the only place Fred and George look) was another headline. But smaller than the first, Terror Strikes! Unknown Fire's Burst from Mountain.

George grabbed the paper. "Hey! I was reading about the chocolate frog escape!"

"That's not important right now," George cut off. "Look."

"I know about the sal-"

"Not that!" George snapped. "This."

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