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In Harry Potter's Sixth Year, Padma Patil, Luna Lovegood, Morag MacDougal and Cho Chang of Ravenclaw House had a private conversation regsrding Headmaster Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and his treatment of Harry James Potter. It was Luna Lovegood who spoke first. Knowing that Dumbledore would be listening to their conversation, she made her opening speech particularly dammning: "I know you can hear me, Professor Dumbledore, so understand this: the definition of a headmaster goes like this: 'a male principal at a school.' Headmasters, Dumbledore, do not try to manipulste others, like you do with Harry James Potter!" Padma Patil added, "The last Will and Testament 0f James and Lily Potter stated quite clearly that under no circumstances was he to go to the Dursley family, yet that is where you put him, to be beaten and abused. Just like we know you knew the abuse was going on, you are not the only person that watched No.4 Privet Drive. Ravenclaws watched-and your spies, but your Order of the Stuffed Turkey are children compared to us" Morag MacDougal stated, "Aye, ye have overstepped your boundaries, man". Cho Chang's claim was the one that hurt Dumbledore the most, mainly because it was true: "You are a senile old fool, Dumbledore. If you hadn't interfered, Tom Marvolo Riddle wouldn't have become Lord Voldemort".

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