I gazed at the large Great Hall, looking at a stool witha ragged, patched hat on it. The older students were pointing at it excitedly talking about songs and sortings and houses. What could this little hat have to do with it?

I cast a glance over to my friend Valerie, and told her what was on my mind. "I just saw that hat move... I think I'm going mad..."

Valerie let out a small laugh. "You're not going mad, silly! That's the Sorting Hat.... It'll sort us into our houses!"

"Oh..okay..." I said, still not understanding how this hat was supposed to decide our future at Hogwarts.

The hat opened its brim wide and started to sing:

Welcome students young and old

Listen to the tale that's told.

There are four great houses in this school.

And I'll have to sort everyone of you.

You might just be in Gryffindor

You'll be noble and brave and that's for sure.

Perhaps you'll be in Slytherin

If you're one of skill and ambition

You could be sorted in Hufflepuff

That's only if you're loyal enough

Possibly you'll be a Ravenclaw

If your intelligence shines overall

I will decide it just like that

Because I'm the Hogwarts sorting hat!

The entire Great Hall broke out into a large round of applause. Then a witch with long blonde hair and dazed off blue eyes called out names.

"Abernathy, Poppy" She called out in a dreamy voice. A freckled girl with bushy, red hair sat on a stool and the sorting hat called out.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" It yelled. Poppy Abernathy sat down at the table decked in black and yellow where she was greeted by fellow Hufflepuffs.

"Allora, Azalea," The witch called out. A stunning girl with dark brown hait that flowed down her back sat down.

The Sorting Hat had taken longer than it did for the others. "RAVENCLAW!" There was an outburst of cheers as Azalea walked over to the Ravenclaw table with a flourish. The witch who had been calling the names shook her hand.

"Welcome to Ravenclaw," She smiled. "I'm Professor Lovegood, Head of Ravenclaw House." She skipped back to where she was standing prior.

"Babeth, William!" Professor Lovegood called out. A snooty looking boy with sandy blonde hair walked up. The hat had hardly touched his head before it screamed. "SLYTHERIN!" And So William Babeth walked back to his table.

More names were called, a few Gryffindors, several Hufflepuffs, a couple of Slytherins and a Ravenclaw or two. "Sprig, Valerie!" Lovegood called out, causing my friend to give a nervous smile. "Wish me luck, Raina." She gave a smile and walked to the stool, her brunette hair trailing behind her as she sat down.

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