Chapter 1Edit

"Professor? Can we read?" a student asked.

"You can do nothing," the professor replied to the boy, who struggled back to his seat.

Joseph, sat at his desk, with his head down. He was staring out the window. Half-way past the year, and he still hadn't been outside for recess.

The Professor saw him looking out the window and scowled at him. put his head face towards desk, and then peeked out. The Professor was away, and began looking out the window yet again.

It was 1921. had lived with his friends. His mother and father died on the Titanic, in 1912. His grandpa died in World War I, just a couple of years ago. And a couple of weeks ago, his grandmother died of cancer. His other family had died, just after having his father.

Joseph looked out the window, and his eyes started to water. "You know you will not be able to go out for recess, eh?"

"Yes," the class muttered.

A voice like a dog came from behind Joseph, "Yeah-and I just pounded on him, the guy didn't even notice I had a gu-"

"VICTOR!" the Professor snapped. "GET OVER HERE! THE REST OF YOU! SIT THERE, AND SHUT UP! Dirty piles of-" the Professor walked out of the room, towards the office with Victor by her side.

"Psst!" a voice from beside Joseph whispered. "Joseph!" the voice was a little louder. "Joseph!"

He turned his head to find his best friend, Unum Genus. In Latin his name meant, 'The Kind One.' "What is it Genius?"

Genus' nickname was Genius since the two were so alike. Unum laughed. "Don't call me that," he laughed again. "So, since the Professor is gone, lets say we sneak out for recess?"

Genus was a bad-boy. His father was a war sergeant and his mother had died. His ancestor was apparentally an assassin, and a guard. So he had a long history of killers in his family.


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