This is a series by Arti. It's about a Muggle girl who has no idea of what Hogwarts is or of magic. But she has strange dreams, strange visions. And then she gets a letter, telling her to come to Hogwarts, the place where she's sure it's happening at....

Books Edit

Prequel: Dreamer - Stella is just an ordinary girl...who has strange stuff going on in her head. Weird dreams and visions of doom haunt her mind. And amidst her bad situation at home, a letter arrives...

1.Unknown - Her first year of Hogwarts. Now that she's a witch in training, Stella expects her weird dreams to go away. But they don't. If anything, their stronger...

2.Leap of Faith - You can trust your friends, right? Stella's gang of pals has no idea that Stella has visions about the end of the wizarding world, let alone that she has strange dreams. Tell them or no.....

3.Forgotten and Forbidden - With her friends help and insistence, Stella begins to unraveal the plot to bring the wizarding world to its knees. But they discover that there is more then meets the eye....and a forgotten evil rises.

4.Mirage - When you know something devastating is going to happen, you see danger everywhere. Are Stella and her friends seeing real signs to what will happen or just mirages?

5.Past Vendetta - The shock of a betrayal may stop the only witches and wizards who cans save their world from utter destruction from saving it.

6.Watching and Waiting - The end lurks, just beneath the surface. Visions and hopes and prayers become one. Fights become constant and nothing seems to help.

7.Remember Me? - The last installment of the series and the dramatic end. No Spoilers, hah!

Epilogue: Wisher - Pretty short, just what happened after the_________________ in the last book. (hah, no spoilers for yuou! :D)

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