Hello, it's Iscrump! Here's where the dramatic part starts: Have you ever wanted to be a character in another person's fanfiction? You keep asking, and asking, but they say 'No Way!'? But here's your chance! All users that comment on this can make up to 3 characters that will be in my Percival Dumbledore series. Here is the....uh....thingy!:

User: _______________

How Many Characters Being Made: _____________

1st Character First and Last: ______________________


Related to 'any person in the Harry 'Potter series (OPTIONAL): ________________

Hair Color:

Eye Color:


Boggart (Optional):

Patronus (Optional):


Mean To Other People: (Yes or No)

Just Mean To Percival Dumbledore: (Yes or No)

Just do the same thing with the other two if you have three.

Thank You for your help! -ISCRUMP