• Mistysun

    Completly Awesome!!

    November 28, 2010 by Mistysun

    My friend Leopardkit and I were searching Harry Potter things, and fould some pretty cool stuff:

    Look at this awesome Luna Lovegood Bracelet!

    SO COOL! The pictures are covered int hsi plastic-glass thing, and they're really scrabble letters! Here's the back:

    Awesome!!! The charms on it are: A snake, a magic tag, hogwarts wood tag, a wizard hat, books, a broom, and hogwarts castle. Unfortunatly it costs a lot. :(

    One words: Amazing!

    Every single book on it, and charms of hogwarts, wand, snake, skull, book, glasses, hogwarts tag, and beads!

    Has the scrabble letter back that spells out H Potter. But still expensive..... :(

    The First one says 'Mischeif Managed' The seond one says 'Expecto Patronum' 3rd is 'Weasley is our King' 4th is 'Make love, not …

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  • Mistysun


    September 6, 2010 by Mistysun

    I know a lot of you are from WFFW, so you probably know what songfics are.

    I was thinking maybe we could introduce them to this wiki. It would probably be really cool and also a good way to make this wiki better.

    Of course, I guess it's Arti's desision if we should have them, because she created them.

    Just and idea. Consider it.

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  • Mistysun

    More Questions

    August 16, 2010 by Mistysun

    Hey, I hav more questions about this wiki:

    • How do you earn house points?
    • What's up with these badge thingys?
    • How many active users are on this wiki? (just curious...)
    • What do you do with the fanfics? (check my other blog)]
    • and yeah...I'll add more questions when I hav more.

    Could you help me out by answering them?

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  • Mistysun

    fan fics...

    August 15, 2010 by Mistysun

    so, I wanna write a fan fic. Can I make up my own houses? Should I use the people from the book or make up my own ofr both? Yeah....I have a lot of questions before I get started. And also, could you recomend some fan fics for me to read? thx!

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