My friend Leopardkit and I were searching Harry Potter things, and fould some pretty cool stuff:

Luna Lovegood Bracelet:

Look at this awesome Luna Lovegood Bracelet!
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SO COOL! The pictures are covered int hsi plastic-glass thing, and they're really scrabble letters! Here's the back:

Luna Bracelet Back
Awesome!!! The charms on it are: A snake, a magic tag, hogwarts wood tag, a wizard hat, books, a broom, and hogwarts castle. Unfortunatly it costs a lot. :(

Harry P Book Bracelet:

One w
HP Book Bracelet
ords: Amazing!

Every single book on it, and charms of hogwarts, wand, snake, skull, book, glasses, hogwarts tag, and beads!

Has the scrabble letter back that spells out H Potter. But still expensive..... :(

Harry P Pencils!

The First one says 'Mischeif Managed' The seond one says 'Expecto Patronum' 3rd is 'Weasley is our King' 4th is 'Make love, not horcruxes' 5th is 'The Chosen One' and the last is 'Time is Galleons' AWESOME!

HP Pencils

Do you think these are as awesome as I think they are?! Happy Holidays!Let it snow... 02:29, November 28, 2010 (UTC)

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