Hullo mates!

A week from today I am returning to the heaven we all call school.

Or, to some of you, it might not be heaven. But it is to me!

Unfortunately, I'm going to a new school, so I'm having a bit of trouble navigating the halls seeing as it's a heck of a lot bigger than my old school, but a bit of school camp has got me feeling pretty good and confident. Now, to figure out how to properly and easily do a locker combo....well, that's for another time.

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to come up with my time table/schedule for you guys to see. Smudge did this, I think, so I'll do it too!


First Period:

Extended Math w/Freeman, Room 209

Second Period:

Ext. English Lit. 2 w/Malsom, Room 208

Third Period:

Consumer Science w/Shike (now Karrow, actually. Like Carrow!), Room 715

Fourth Period:

Advisory/Lunch w/Howard, advisory, Room 404, lunch, the Commons

Fifth Period/Wednesday Advisory:

Ext. Art w/Beatty, Room 701...I think....

Sixth Period (fifth period, in reality):

Ext. English LA w/Malsom, Room 208

Seventh Period (sixth, actually):

Social Studies w/Howard, Room 404

Eighth Period (actually seventh):

Science w/Freeman, Room 209

Ninth Period (truly, it's eighth):

Physical Education (P.E.) w/Splinter, L. Gym

Tada! P.E. last hour is supposedly good, but I've got to run down the hill when we're outside to get to my locker quick enough to get outside to the bus. Or, if we move to this one house, which is across the district line for the other middle school, I'll be able to take my time because my mum'll drive me home. :) Apparently Mr. Splinter's like, really tough, though, and the gym teachers follow us with golf carts when we do the mile run. Ah, well.

Though I'm on the A Team - they got rid of the E Team, which is the Extended Team that I would've been on because I was in extended classes prior to this - I'm technically on the +A Team, which is what they call it when you have four or more classes with extended teachers. So - in this case - Mrs. Freeman, Mrs. Malsom, and Ms. Beatty are extended teachers.

I'm really excited - wish me luck at this new school!

--Red Panda Potter 21:59, August 14, 2012 (UTC)

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