In my most recent blog post (the one before very first!), I deduced that Tom Riddle's Basilisk was a female, which I concluded after reading Newt Scamander's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I am now going to attempt to deduce the exact location of Hogwarts. Which probably won't work, but, you know me. Well, actually, most of you don't, but, yeah. :)

So, as you probably know if you're as obsessed as me, Hogwarts is in Scotland. Not in England as a lot of people believe, but it is in Scotland. Despite the fact that Muggles can't find it, and it is unplottable, I have searched Scotland on Google Maps (the 3D version where you see all of the plantlife and things), looking for a large loch and a large forest, as well as an open sort of field. I know, obviously, that Hogwarts wouldn't be on Google Maps, because it's Unplottable, but if you look for those geographical keys, you might be able to find it.

I'm still looking.

I mean, it could be near...Kilin? I can't quite read the maps, but there's a long lake that turns into sort of a fat river...and there's some trees and a bit of a field sort of thing.

Or, it could be by the Dunalastair's a landlocked lake, so Hogwarts could be in the surrounding area...and there is a forest-type place, so it's a possible location.

When I go to Scotland, if ever, I'm going to take a helicopter and explore. If I can afford a helicopter when I'm older. :) Or I could just chart it if (when, I hope!) I get my Hogwarts letter sometime soon. I'll ask the delivery owl if I can tell you guys if I get in.

If not...well...this blog has gotten off-topic!

I hope somebody can comment!


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