Okay. Those of you who have been with this wiki from the very start will know that I've been wanting to request help from the Content Team for ages. For those of you who don't know, here are all of the requirements;

  • The requester should be either the admin, or link to a discussion with the admin of the wiki and agreeing to skin design and homepage help. - I'm the founder and I'm sure you'd all like this wiki to have a freshening up!
  • The wiki should have at least one active admin, meaning he or she has made at least one edit in the last 7 days. - Lets see; ah yes, loads of edits in the last 7 days...
  • The wiki should have at least 100 content pages, not counting stubs. Stub articles should make up no more than 1/5th of all pages on the wiki. - Hmmm... Needs some working on...
  • The wiki should have a clear category structure to help readers navigate around the site. Every content page should be in a category. - I'm pretty certain there aren't any uncategorised pages, but if there are, that's easy to fix!
  • The wiki should not be in the middle of choosing new admins, or any other upheavals. It should be a stable, friendly place. - No new admins or upheavals that I know of!
  • The wiki should be using the Wikia welcome tool, signed by admins -- (MediaWiki:Welcome-user should say @latest, @sysop or the name of an admin.) - Check!
  • The wiki should not use offensive language or include inappropriate images. - Most certainly not!

Right, so as you can see; stub pages need working on! I must admit, I make up for quite a few stub pages, but there are quite a few others too! I'm going to make a stub page template, so go check all of your pages to see if you have one. If you do please do something about it!


Look Out Sunshine Here comes 12 jammy dodgers and a fez!


Right, I haven't got around to adding templates to all of the stub pages, but I've added most of them to the same category! If you see any character/series pages there, you have my permission to add to them, no matter who's they are!

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