Shall I tell you a secret? I'm working extra double hard on my series Darkness Within! If you haven't read it, then its about a muggle-born girl named Rowan Frost (obviously Scottish! Well, if she has ginger hair and is named after our national(?) tree, how could she not be?). She is worried about going to Hogwarts and is certain that she will not have a place to sit and no friends to talk to. Until she finds a boy, sitting all alone on the back of the train. Can you guess who it is? Lupin when he was eleven!

Anyway, I've got the plot set up for Mudblood. She gets locked out of the castle on a full moon, bladdy, bladdy blah, ending with the dream...

What I don't have is exciting things to happen in the next six (this always confuses me as there are only six years of secondary school where I live) stories. And that is where you lovely people come in! Can you think of one or two adventures for Rowan? I don't need six, as I'll be able to think up some for myself once I get a few ideas!



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