As you all know, Wikia has changed its look. Some of you may like it, some of you may not. But whatever your opinions, we will all have to adapt to it.

Here are some things that will need to change around here;

The Skins - Most of you will probably know from some of my previous blog posts, such as Spotlight, that I've been trying to create new skins for Harry Potter Fanfic Wiki for a long while. A friend suggested to me a Stock Theme from Logo Creation Wiki and that looked brilliant for a while. But we can't use that theme on the New Look. As you can see, we are making do with one of the set backgrounds, but its really not very Harry Potter related.

I would quite like some of the staff or an experienced user to help work with the skins with me. It will bit of time, but I think we can get it looking pretty cool!

Wordmark - I don't know if anybody has ever looked at the Theme Designer option; but if you have, you will know that there are three options at the top of the screen; Theme, Customize and Wordmark. Wordmark is basically the font style and size of the name of the wiki at the top of your computer screen. Again, what we have at the moment is not really very Harry Potter themed.

I've heard that on updated versions of Photoshop, you have the option of using `Harry Potter writing`, though I'm not sure if that's true or not. If it is, I'd greatly appreciate it if you used it for our wiki!

There are a few more things that need to be worked on such as;

The Menu - as you might have noticed, it has shrunk down so that you can only have four options on the bar at the top and several options on each drop down bar. We need to get it looking as organized as possible but holding as much of the important links as possible.

The Main Page - There are a few changes that need to be made on the Main Page, such as shifting things around so it looks equally spaced out. The links that could not be on the Menu will have to be added too.

I will not bother you with any of these small changes, because I think they will be easy enough to do by myself.

Before I go, I would just like anybody who is reading this to look around. Most people seem to have forgotten about this wiki!


 Green Introducing... Me!

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