I had this idea!! I know that there are a lot of people new to the wikis. We could make them students and train them up.

All Users:

  • SmudgyHollz
  • Hiddensun
  • Leafwhisker
  • Artimas Hunter
  • Birdpaw
  • Mistysun
  • Crookshanks
  • Wetstream
  • Peacesign
  • Lucky Star
  • Iscrump
  • Zaffie
  • Darkcloud!
  • Hollyfire53
  • Shinestar

Possible Students:

Crookshanks - First Year - I know for a fact that Crookshanks is really new.

Peacesign - Seventh Year - I don't know about you, so you could be a seventh year.

Lucky Star - Fifth Year - New-ish. I'm not sure about Lucky Star.

Iscrump - Seventh Year - Not sure about you, so again, you could be a seventh year.

Darkcloud! - Seventh Year - Again, I don't know about you, you could be aseventh year.

SPO1L3EDBRAT - First Year - Very new to wikis.

So think its a good idea, or not?

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