Heyo peoples! As you can probably tell, I'm in a cheery mood. And I'm writing this, I'm imagining myself saying this in a Yorkshire accent.... So, I'll talk like the normal me (because I really don't have a Yorkshire accent);

So, you may have noticed my two newest stories have been posted. Breathless and The Outsiders. And I now have two missions for you good people. Want to hear more? Good, because whoever wins these missions, gets a character of their very own added to my story. And those who don't win but still help out will sure to be mentioned...

Breathless Mission:

I need pictures!! So, my mission to you people is to find me some pictures of Teddy, Victoire and her best friend. How do you do this? Well, frankly, I have no idea. Use any means you like. Google Images. Anything else you can think up. The only thing is, it has to be Photoshop friendly. Meaning the background can't be the same colour as the character's hair or clothes - you can tell that I'm really rubbish at Photoshop, asking you to do this!

Anyway, in my head, Victoire is Taylor Swift. Teddy is some handsome dude with green hair and no beard. Victoire's best friend is a Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez type character.

So thanks!

The Outsiders Mission:

I need suggestions. What's the most un-cool thing for an eleven-year-old boy to do. Yes, Al Potter is the height of uncoolness...

Good luck to you people willing to help me out!!

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