Hello Harry Potter Fanfic-ers! Please excuse the terrible nickname that I have just given you! Anyway, let's get straight to the point;

Note the notes. A new idea that I have just come up with. Right about now, I am guessing you will by thinking; What? Note the notes? Has she gone bonkers? Or are we supposed to know what she means?. To answer that, I may have quite possibly gone bonkers and no, you are not supposed to know what I mean. That is why I have created this blog post; to explain it to you.

But before you read on, please remember; it is completely your own choice whether or not you want to do this, and if the author has not given you permission to do so, then don't!

Okay, ready now?

Let's go!

If you are like me, whenever you write a fanfic, you just write it. You don't care about any errors or too-short/long chapters you have because you know that you are going to go back and correct it later. Yes; that's right. People actually do this. They get the main story down on paper and then worry about the details later. That's what I'm doing with my story Mudblood. I find that it helps me not to just give up on it. If I have the basic outline of the story, I can work with it; deleting chapters that aren't needed, adding ones that are, tweaking scenes, characters and adding details or hints here and there.

What has this got to do with noting notes?

Everything. As, if you write in the same style as me (or even if you don't), you will probably find quite a few mistakes throughout your un-finished story, what I've thought of doing is adding a little section at the bottom of each chapter called NOTE:. This is where either the author or the reader can comment after looking back through a certain piece of work. For instance, maybe a character, let's call him Herby, does something very un-Herby-ish, this is what the author/reader would do;

NOTE: Perhaps Herby should be the one consulting Raymond, not the one storming out.

It would even work with a spelling/grammar error;

NOTE: `They` has been spelt `heyt`.

Though, I have decided that in these note sections, nobody should sign their usernames. This means that the author/reader can be as critical as he/she likes and no arguments will come from it as nobody knows who said this.

Again, please recall how I said at the very beginning; this is optional! I'm not forcing anybody into doing this! Its just an idea!


Look Out Sunshine Here's the Punchline!

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