This is written by Mistysun


I lugged the box into the new house, and dropped it with a plunk on the floor. My six-year-old arms couldn't hold it much longer. A shattering noise came from inside the flimsy cardboard. I cringed. Oops. Well, at least that was the last box to be brought in.

The cluttered soon-to-be living room of number 4 privet drive was very boring indeed. A small fireplace was in one corner, and that was it. I sighed, and headed out into the hallway.

The first thing I noticed was a small cupboard under the stairs. The wood on the door was worn and old, and the hinges started squeaking when I pulled it open. I hopped inside, and bashed my head on the low roof. There was nothing in there, except for a trillion spider webs and a few loose scraps of paper on the floor. Rubbing my sore head, I pushed it closed again and ran up the stairs to my new room, my heart bouncing with excitment.

Six Years Later...

Chapter One:Edit

I woke up bright and early with the sun streaming down through the window. The lavander walls of my bedroom caught the glare of the smudged window glass, and cast a funny light upon the cluttered, messy room. I coldn't help remembering that the couple that had lived here before we did were neat freaks. Our family was exactly the opposite.

I ran downstairs and ate a large bowl of cornflakes. I was feeling extremly bored, with nothing to do since it was summer holidays. I was in an exploring mood