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Willow Corner (née Black) (b. 1 May, 1978) Was a Half-Blood witch and the youngest daughter of Jane and Regulus Black. Talented in music from a young age she rose to fame at the age of Fifteen. She started attending Hogwarts in the same year, having been homeschooled by her sister Acacia Black most of her life. Willow marries Michael Corner and have two children named Regulus Michael and Libra Acacia.


Early LifeEdit

Willow was born unto Jane and Regulus Black on May 1, 1978. She a very happy child. Willow and her sister, Acacia, were the best of frends, and you would rarely see them without each other. After their father died it only pushed them closer together, both of the scared of losing the other.

When her mother started coming home drunk she was almost always the one to take the verbal abuse. And when her mother dropped her on Acacia's doorstep at the age of nine, Willow was still heartbroken-it was her mother, and she was supposed to love her. She cried herself to sleep most nights, and soon started to kill herself.

She spent almost a year in St. Mungo's Hospital after her sister found out. But when she got out she'd become quieter and rarely talked. She performed at a local restaurant on weekends but didn't go out unless it was necessary. So when she became famous it took a big tool on her persona, but whenever Willow would get up on stage she felt like she could do anything,

Hogwarts Years (1989-1991)Edit

Willow started Hogwarts at the age of fifteen, her sister had Homeschooled her up until then. Therefore, she did not have to take her first, second, third, and fourth year. It was there that she met 13 year-old Michael Corner, her future husband.

Willow was sorted into Ravenclaw and tried her hardest to live up to the high standards set. And while she hadn't been looking for friends she found them in the most unusual places. Her sister had been a Hufflepuff and had constantly talked about her so she was known there, and not just for her fame. She quickly became friends with Luna Lovegood, both having similar interests.

The Second Wizarding War hit Willow terribly. She, although her time at Hogwarts was finished, Willow went to the castle and decided to help everyone defeat the Death-eaters. She lost Fred Weasley, one of her best friends, and it felt like she had lost Michael, too. In the end she went to , needing to grieve alone. She'd seen firsthand from her mother what could happen if you let yourself wallow in misery, and she didn't want to become that. When she came back, it was friends and family who had missed her.

Later Life (post 1998)Edit

Soon she became Michael's bride and a few years after their marriage they had two children: Regulus Michael and Libra Acacia.  

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